A Very 8bit Christmas


Reminisce with the Return of the 8 Bit Collection

This retro set returns to the main stage with a whole new cast of characters guaranteed to invoke the best of your gaming nostalgia. Add to your collection and receive, not only the awesome 8-Bit II Collection avatars but also, cutting edge set effects that will apply to ALL your 8-Bit avatars!

Track Your High Score

Don't miss the chance to immortalize the number of enemies you've taken out in Caldavar with the 8-Bit II Kill Counter.

Purchase the first two 8-Bit II Avatars, get the 8-Bit Kill Counter unlocked on all of your 8-Bit and 8-Bit II Avatars!

Mark Your Territory

Not only are you keeping track of your kills, now you can temporarily mark the exact location where you've slayed your foe.

Purchase the first four 8-Bit II Avatars, get the 8-Bit Ground Tag unlocked on all your 8-Bit II Avatars!

Secure Your Legacy

Don't be constrained by the confines of a battle to tout your achievements.

Purchase all 8-Bit II Avatars and the 8-Bit Teleport, get the 8-Bit II Chat Color!

Teleport In Fashion

Make daring, last-minute escapes in distinguished, retro fashion with the 8-Bit Teleport.

Purchase the 8-Bit Teleport in-game on 12/8.

Pixelate Your View

Get into the 8-Bit state of mind with the complimentary 8-Bit HUD. Throw back your heads-up display with an all new, 8-Bit fitted upgrade, free of charge!

Activate the new HUD when you log in after the patch on 12/5. If you wish to disengage the HUD, find the display settings in the in-game options.

A Very 8-Bit Christmas

4.3.2 & 4.3.3 | 12/5 - 1/2

  • Massive In-game Changes

    Balance changes, hero reworks, and a stocking full of exciting updates to Newerth that will have you jumping up and down like it's Christmas morning. Oh yeah, you might want to know that Kongor moved to a new home.

  • Decked for the Season

    Newerth is ready for the holiday celebrations! Log on and join the winter HoN experience with a fresh update to Team Deathmatch, holiday cosmetics in Caldavar, an angry snowman in Mid Wars, and a number of other festive changes to make your holidays bright.

  • Merrick's Christmas Sales

    Your favorite little, goblin shopkeeper, Merrick, has also prepared a number of holiday sales that are sure to whet your appetite. Head to Merrick's shop for gold sales, holiday gifts, increased plinko odds, Limited Edition avatar sales, and much much more.

  • A New Visitor

    There's a rumor going around that this year Newerth will host a new visitor. Keep your eyes peeled for this mysterious guest...

Map and Balance

A Balanced Caldavar

4.3.3 | 12/19

Continuing on the renovations from HoN 4.0, Caldavar has yet again received some improvements to level the playing field between the Legion and Hellbourne:

  • Kongor has been relocated to a new home in a neutral position on the southeast side of the river.
  • The southern ramps leading to mid lane have been adjusted to create a safer, harder to gank matchup in mid.
  • The Hellbourne ancients have been repositioned to better reflect the Legion ancients.
  • The Observatory has also found a new location with the shuffling of all its immediate neighbors.

Balance Changes

4.3.3 | 12/19


Stealing abilities and looking damn good while he's doing it. Kinesis undergoes an exciting rework for 4.3.3 with an entirely new spell.


Truly embracing his lust for blood and battle, Berzerker upgrades his kit making him a beast when he's in the center of a brawl.


The king of vision and single target lockdown, Tundra solidifies his position in Newerth as a force to be reckoned with.


Out of sync? Don't worry. The new item, Synchronizer, allows you and your lane mate to maximize your income and dominate the laning phase.

Everything Else

4.3.3 | 12/15

These changes barely breach the surface of this gargantuan patch. Head to the forums on 12/15 to read the rest of patch notes for 4.3.3.

Decked for the season

4.3.3 | 12/19

Winter Team Deathmatch

4.3.3 | 12/19

Back by popular demand, Team Deathmatch returns for an encore! Flaunting a new, winter theme, quality of life changes, and bug fixes, this fast-paced, action-packed mode is sure to surpass your expectations!

A Chilly Environment

4.3.3 | 12/19

Winter is in full swing and Caldavar is covered in a blanket of fresh powder. Get ready for a chilly experience as the Forests of Caldavar are decorated for the holidays!

Dressed for the Weather

4.3.3 | 12/19

Your favorite characters are back and ready for the season. Watch out for the Abominable Snowman in Mid Wars while Kongor and Santa Merrick don their favorite Christmas outfits.

  • Merrick's Christmas Sales

    4.3.3 | 12/19

    Ho! Ho! Ho! What would a Christmas celebration be without your's truly, the friendly MerricKlause, offering all my dedicated customers the best promotions in town? Click on each of the icons below and peruse through my epic sales this season:

  • 50% Bonus Gold
  • Advanced Gifting
  • Grab Bags
  • Holiday Avatars
  • Triple diamond
  • Double Mastery
  • Double Silver
  • 50% Bonus Gold Sale

    4.3.2 | 12/14 - 12/19

    Take advantage of the Holiday Bonus Gold Sale and receive 50% Bonus Gold on any purchased gold pack from 12/14 - 12/19.

  • Advanced Gifting

    4.3.3 | 12/19 - 1/2

    Gifting has leveled up! In addition to the normal gifting experience where everyone can gift 5 avatars when they purchase them, all players will now be able to gift 5 avatars that they already own! Gifting will be available from 12/19 - 1/2.

  • Grab Bags are Back

    4.3.3 | 12/19 - 1/2

    Make your way over to Merrick's shop to find five unique Holiday Grab Bags filled with all your favorite avatars! Grab Bags will be available from 12/19 - 1/2.

  • Holiday Edition Avatars

    4.3.2 and 4.3.3 | 12/6 - 1/1

    The more the merrier! Stop by Merrick's shop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to find select Holiday Edition Avatars on sale from 12/6 - 1/1.

  • Triple Diamond Odds

    4.3.3 | 12/19 - 1/2

    The odds are definitely in your favor this Holiday Season! Try your luck at Plinko and find the Diamond Chest Odds tripled from 12/19 - 1/2.

  • Double Mastery Experience

    4.3.3 | 12/19 - 1/2

    It's a well known fact that your expertise is heightened during winter! Get double Hero Mastery Experience from 12/19 - 1/2..

  • Double Silver Coins

    4.3.3 | 12/19 - 1/2

    Get rewarded for your hard work! Snag double Silver Coins after every Forests of Caldavar or Mid Wars match from 12/19 - 1/2.