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HoN 4.3.3

(Q) - Dagger Dance

  • Activate to whip your daggers at the closest enemy in radius every 0.25 seconds for 3 seconds, dealing 15/25/35/45 Magic Damage per whip. Total damage output of 180/300/420/540 over the duration.

(W) - Perch

  • Target a tree to hop on top of it. Reactivate this ability to jump to another tree. While Goldenveil is perched on a tree, he has 450 Attack Range. If Goldenveil is knocked down from a tree, he will be Stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Can cast sub-ability, Plunge, when Perched on a tree by targeting a position to jump there after a short delay, dealing 80/140/200/260 Magic Damage and a 1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5 Second Stun to all enemies in the area.

(E) - Recluse

  • Passively regenerates 10/20/30/40 Health per second when you are not seen by enemies.

(R) - Greedgutter

  • Passively applies 3 golden tokens on enemy heroes when this ability is learned. Enemy heroes lose a token whenever Goldenveil kills or assists in killing them.
  • Target an enemy to throw your golden dagger at them, applying a 60% Movement Speed Slow for 4 seconds and dealing 150/200/250 Magic Damage + 50/75/100 Magic Damage per token.
  • If Goldenveil kills or assist in killing a hero, he receives 60/90/120 Gold per token and his team receives 20/30/40 Gold per token. Killing the entire enemy team will reset the tokens and grants each member of Goldenveil's team 100/200/300 Gold.


Goldenveil the Gilded Sellsword has fought in every corner of Newerth for countless banners, crowns, and causes – none of which he cared about – and the only constants he's witnessed are death and gold. These two are inextricably intertwined, and long ago Goldenveil slithered his way between them to offer his legendary, lethal skills to the highest bidder.

Goldenveil  | December 19th

Lurx  | December 19th  |  450GC

Copperhead  | January 2  |  390GC  |  2500SC