The Grimm hunt

The Hunt is On

The Grimm Hunt is an objective based game where teams must collect points to win. Played on Grimm's Crossing, players will be tasked with destroying magical Constructs that randomly spawn around the map every 30 seconds. Constructs reward 200-350 points when killed while heroes reward 50 points a kill. Once a team reaches 5,000 points, the enemy base becomes vulnerable and can be sieged for victory.

To facilitate faster gameplay, the next Construct spawn point is revealed 10 seconds prior to each spawn wave; spawn points are also pinged on the minimap. All heroes will also start at level three.

Each Construct carries a shop item. When a Construct is killed, its item drops into the inventory of a random player on the team that struck the final blow. If that player's inventory is full, the item enters their stash.

Items can be traded and/or shared within teams.

Items can be picked up by the enemy team if dropped on the ground.

Kill Constructs. Get Items.

The First Five Minutes

At the start of a match, Constructs hold items valued around 300 — 1,500 gold.

Mid Game

After the five minute mark gameplay really gets interesting as Constructs begin to drop items valued at around 1,500 — 4,500 gold.

End Game

Party time! Once the game clock hits ten minutes, items dropped by Constructs hold a high value!

Additional Details

The Grimm Hunt is a casual mode exclusive! We know you like the competitive aspect of HoN, but due to the hectic nature of The Grimm Hunt, it won't have a ranked option.

Constructs will scale in power as the game progresses — you want end game items? You're going to have to work for them!

Outer towers have been removed. With so many things going on, the removal of towers will help create some breathing room.

Meet Your Prey

Guardian Constructs

The fatter the construct, the sweeter the reward. Well, not really. Guardian Constructs are harmless until they reach half health. At this point, the wounded Guardian will become enraged and pounce on whoever is attacking it.

Monument Constructs

Until destroyed, Monuments are immobile. But tread lightly, because once you crack it open you'll be greeted by a slew of panicking Phantoms. This is reasonable, since YOU DID DESTROY THEIR HOME.

Drone Constructs

These bad boys are harmless — but they have great escapability due to their ability to hover over terrain. They're fast and squishy.