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Patch 3.7 — The Fifth Year

The Fifth Year

New Hero — Parallax, the Artificer

Parallax is a ranged caster who can effectively zone out enemies with his Fulcrum. With the ability to scale damage through max mana, Parallax becomes a huge damage threat late game.

Role: Intelligence Carry

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Parallax Spotlight

Parallax Teaser


Available 5/5

High Priestess Parallax

Available 5/5

Thai Warrior Parallax

Available 5/5

  • Q
  • W
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  • R
Fulcrum Shift
Parallax forces his Fulcrum to move toward a target location dealing magic damage to enemies in its path.
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Ionic Dash
Parallax uses the power of his Fulcrum to quickly send himself to its location, dealing magic damage and silencing enemy units along the way.
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Dark Mana (passive)
The Fulcrum's hunger for destruction rewards Parallax's aggression with extra max mana and creates a field around Parallax that erodes his enemies' mana over time.
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Parallax uses his connection with the Fulcrum to create a powerful field around himself and the Fulcrum, dealing massive magic damage per second to enemy heroes inside of it.
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New Game Mode — Capture the Flag

The classic adrenaline-pumping game has finally made its way to Newerth! Retrieve the opposing team's flag and defend your own.
The first team to capture five flags wins!
Winning Sol's Theatre Submission – 2014 (created by HyperXewl and Kawaiiiii)

Explore the Field

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  • Yellow Flag
  • Blue Flag
  • Spawner
  • Tower
  • Well
map layout of new ctf map
Rules to Live and Die By
A successful capture occurs when Team A takes Team B's flag and brings it back to their base
Upon returning to base with the opposing team's flag, Team A's flag must still be resting on its pedestal, undisturbed, for the capture to count
The first team to capture five flags wins the game
Available Pick Modes: Blind Ban carriers is amplified and health regeneration is reduced by 50%
Carrying the Flag
You've managed to snatch the opposing team's flag – good start. The only problem now is that you're officially Newerth's most wanted. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you attempt to trudge back to home base with a target on your back:
While holding the flag, the opposing team has vision of you at all times (yes, that means invisible heroes are revealed, too)
Portal Keys are deactivated when holding the flag
The flag will drop if the hero holding it attempts to teleport more than 2,000 units
Holding the flag for too long is ill-advised; damage taken by flag carriers is amplified and health regeneration is reduced by 50%
Experience and Gold
156 experience and 660 gold is passively given to players every 20 seconds
Hero and creep kills do NOT reward players with experience points – only a handful of gold
Capturing a flag awards players on the capping team 350 gold
Wells are outside of the bases, usable by both teams, but heroes in the wells take significantly increased damage (170% damage taken)
Each base is equipped with an invulnerable tower; towers do heavy damage, but cannot land the killing blow on enemy heroes

Happy 5th HoNiversary

May 12 marks a special day in Heroes of Newerth history: our 5th HoNiversary. In the grand scheme of things, HoN's coming of age just wouldn't be possible if not for our faithful community. Your dedication and loyalty have kept HoN afloat since its inception, and without you, its flame would have whittled away long ago.

So, as the celebrations commence, we'd like to raise our glasses to our fans.

This one's for you.

Happy HoNiversary!

The Store

We want you to get all the awesome content that you've always wanted during this HoNiversary, so we pulled some strings and twisted some arms (mainly Merrick's) in order to bring you
a plethora of store promotions! Enjoy!

  • Gold Promotion TBA
  • A Packed Party 4/24 - 5/19 @10 AM EDT
  • The New Comers 5/8 - 5/18 @ 10 AM EDT
  • 2.5X Silver Bonus 5/8 - 5/18 @ 10 AM EDT
  • Diamond Odds 5/5 - 5/19 @ 10 AM EDT
Gold Promotion
This HoNiversary we want to give back to those who support HoN. Keep your eyes peeled for a special gold promotion!
A Packed Party
Word of this year's celebrations seem to have gotten around! Be on the lookout for some of your favorite Limited and Holiday Edition avatars lounging around the punch bowl in Merrick's Shop.
April 24th @ 10AM EDT - May 19th @ 10AM EDT
The New Comers
Merrick's cast of characters just got a little bit bigger. With the R.I.P Taunt, Boogie Oogie, Dominion Shadowblade, and the Golden Glowing Name Color hitting the store, you'll be celebrating this HoNiversary in style.
May 8th - May 18th
2.5X Silver Bonus Weekend
There's no greater feeling than a pocket full of silver coins; especially when that pocket is your pocket! Play HoN between the times listed below and you'll be rewarded with a 2.5x silver coin bonus!
5/8 @ 10 AM EDT to 5/11 @ 10 AM EDT and 5/15 @ 10 AM EDT to 5/18 @ 10 AM EDT
Diamond Odds
In an unprecedented turn of events, Merrick bumped up the odds of landing on a Diamond Chest in Plinko. It wasn't a small bump either. For the entire celebration of HoNiversary, you're change of landing on a Diamond Chest has DOUBLED! Cha-ching!
5/5 @ 10 AM EDT to 5/19 @ 10 AM EDT

The Game

HoNiversary wouldn't feel right unless ALL of Newerth was decked out in decorations. This year we're bringing back classics that you know and love while mixing in some fresh new additions.

  • Special War Effort 5/5 - 6/2 @ 10 AM EDT
  • Snazzy Kongor 5/5 - 5/19 @ 10 AM EDT
  • Caldavar's Facelift 5/5 - 5/19 @ 10 AM EDT
  • Snotter Boss 5/5 - 5/19 @ 10 AM EDT
  • Improved Models 5/5 @ 10 AM EDT
A Special War Effort
We're holding nothing back in celebration of HoNiversary and the fourth cycle of the War Effort reflects just that. On your way to the exclusive reward for the cycle, the Merrick Announcer Pack, you'll find a variety of POG avatars as well as a unique HoNiversary Ward!
May 5th @ 10 AM EDT - June 2nd @ 10 AM EDT
Snazzy Kongor
Newerth's infamous primate suits up for the party as he celebrates his fifth human birthday (which translates to roughly ten in gorilla years). Try not to be distracted by his dapper appearance while you battle for Caldavar.
May 5th @ 10 AM EDT - May 19th @ 10 AM EDT
Caldavar's Facelift
Caldavar received its very first community facelift for this year's HoNiversary celebration. But what's a community facelift? Good question! A while back, the community made some suggestions about how Caldavar should look for HoN's 5th anniversary. What you see now is the result of those changes.
May 5th @ 10 AM EDT - May 19th @ 10 AM EDT
Snotter Boss Returns
Snotter Boss comes back, sneezing his way through Midwars and kicking Transmutantstein and Zorgath from their homes. He's been criticized for poor hygiene practices so you may want to bring hand sanitizer.
May 5th @ 10 AM EDT - May 19th @ 10 AM EDT
Improved Models
We felt it necessary to do a little spring cleaning for some of the models in-game. Expect to see some of your favorite heroes and avatars sporting an entirely new look!
May 5th @ 10 AM EDT - Forever

Community Events

This year, we're making strides to get you involved! That's why we've created an array of exciting events that'll be going on throughout HoNiversary!

  • Avatar Contest 5/5 @ 10 AM EDT
  • New HoNored 5/12 @ 10 AM EDT
  • Sweepstakes 5/5 - 5/11 @ 3 PM EDT
  • The Showdown 5/13 @ 12 PM EDT
  • Kongor Courier 5/12 - 5/13 @ 10 AM EDT
Become a Part of Newerth
Become a part of the game that you know and love! Enter this year's Dream Avatar contest hosted by the Community Events Team for the chance to get your dream avatars into the world of Newerth. In other words, you could be immortalized in Newerth FOREVER!
May 5th @ 10 AM EDT
New HoNored
On the dawning of a new year the HoN team will induct another 2 members to the coveted group of HoNored Posters. This title is given to only the most admirable forum users and is a display of their journey with HoN.
May 12th @ 10 AM EDT
In commemoration of HoN's Fifth Year, our team is giving away 500GC and 5000SC to five lucky winners! To participate, head to HoN's Facebook page.
May 5th @ 3PM EDT - May 11th @ 3PM EDT
The Showdown
At high noon on May 13, the showdown of the decade begins. Two teams, composed of staff and competitive players, will take the stage for a best-of-5 series. Tune into honcast ( to catch all the action!
May 13th @ 12PM EDT
Free Kongor Courier
Ever wanted a tiny gorilla to follow you around and carry your supplies for you? Us too! Well, here's your chance! Log into Heroes of Newerth on May 12 to claim your free Kongor Courier!
May 12th @ 10AM EDT - May 13th @10AM EDT

Balance Patch

Are you ready? We only ask because the balance changes in HoN 3.7: The Fifth Year are some of the largest, most impactful changes to ever hit Newerth. We've got multiple reworks, an assortment of item changes including a brand new item, and, to top it all off, some long awaited improvements to matchmaking and overall gameplay. I guess this brings us back to our question: are you ready?

Hero Changes

Wildsoul Rework

Wildsoul has been at the bottom of the barrel for well over a year now. With the speed of the game and the high damage HoN brings, it took too long and was too hard to actually get to a point where Wildsoul could carry.

We also noticed that it wasn't the most fun thing in the world playing against a Wildsoul's Booboo that was bashing down your towers for 250+ damage a swing or running down your supports with the damage from Mock of Brilliance. With this rework Wildsoul will become the powerhouse carry he once was while not being as frustrating to play against.
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Hellbringer Rework

Hellbringer has suffered from many problems in his lifetime. The major problem was that his skillset was not very active or even visually impactful. A "walking ultimate" to a certain degree, Hellbringer was just not that fun and did not have much impact as a support or solo hero.

The new skillset he has received will keep him similar to the old Hellbringer but allows him to be more active, impactful and entertaining. Malphas is now an actual threat on the field, establishing Hellbringer as a new powerhouse in Newerth!
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Riptide Rework

Riptide has always suffered from being a very limited hero with not too many options. This rework is meant to give the hero more options in the ganking territory and provide a real way to play outside of the middle lane.

The new Eye of the Storm will accomplish what the old Eye of the Storm was trying to: make Riptide a constant threat on the map.
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Master of Arms Rework

Master of Arms is a very fun and effective hero and a lot of you may wonder why we are changing him at all. A lot of his abilities were mismatched to his roles. If he wanted to carry he needed to use the Repeater but the Pulse Cannon's Master's Call? His Pulse Cannon's Charged Shot was massively effective while his Repeater's Blast Shot was useless in the vast majority of scenarios.

We decided to spice the hero up a bit and make his Pulse Cannon form a solid choice for early game and his Repeater all about carrying. Two solid play styles of long range harass or close range damage form the play style now. Everything is in the right place and the hero is a ton of fun now!
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Keeper of the Forest

Jungling is often a desirable play style in our game and we felt that we were not offering much difference in play styles within the jungle category. Keeper of the Forest's skillset had a lot of overlap with Tempest, who is also a solid jungle hero.

With Tempest considered top-tier while Keeper of the Forest was losing traction, we decided to make Keeper of the Forest's second skill (W) more unique. With these changes, Keeper of the Forest is now a solid farmer with some good damage output and sustainability. His ability to carry was also increased.
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Artillery was heavily limited by his LRM in many ways. His changes are aimed at allowing the hero to be more mobile and to use his LRM in more hit-and-run type tactics.
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Gladiator brings a unique kit to the game and the excitement of playing with and against him can be felt by everyone. We have systematically buffed this hero patch after patch and we feel this will finally put him where we want him.

The new use of Call to Arms will allow Gladiator players to more accurately hit the ability and be more useful in team fights. The early mana pool increase allows Gladiator to be played in a support/roamer role if desired, opening up a wider range of play styles.
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Night Hound

Night Hound now has more choices in leveling and a solid niche as a potential suicide hero. He also becomes the first hero that can level his ultimate at levels 1/3/5!
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Item Changes

New Item: Merrick's Bounty
  • Cost: 250 gold
  • Available in Supplies and Outpost shops
  • Buying or picking up the item starts a 30-second cooldown
  • While off cooldown the item gains a charge every 10 seconds
  • When you kill an enemy non-hero unit all of the charges are instantly consumed, giving you 10 gold per charge and starting a 30-second cooldown
  • You cannot gain charges while dead
  • Max of 120 charges
Blood Chalice
  • Radius for health refund increased from 700 to 1000
  • Now gains 1 charge when an enemy hero within 1000 range of you dies
  • Cannot gain a charge while Blood Chalice is on cooldown
  • On use, will not remove health if you have a charge on the item
  • Removes the charge on use
  • Only drops when a player scores a kill against them
  • Every hero kill made with the Doom Bringer grants a bonus 10 Attack Damage on the Doom Bringer
  • This bonus Attack Damage remains on the item even if dropped
  • Max of 25 charges
Veiled Rot
  • Can now be purchased from the Observatory
  • Now starts the game with 3 stock in the shop
  • Gains 1 stock every 3 minutes
  • Max of 5 stock

Other Major Changes

  • This option allows casting abilities by pressing the ability button without the following click.
  • Smartcasting is now available in the options menu.
  • Self-Cast feature will be added in the future.
Multi-Unit Control AI
  • All heroes and items that would allow the player access to another controllable unit will have the option of automated or manual control
  • Any unit under automated control will follow the player wherever they go and mimic their commands
  • If your hero attacks an enemy hero, then your other units will use their active abilities (if they have some) on that hero
  • You can turn off automation by deselecting the option (new button next to glyph and taunt) or by selecting the unit and manually giving them a command.
Strike System Implementation
  • The Leaver Strike System, in tandem with the current leaver percentage, will further ensure the integrity of games played in the matchmaking system
  • Strikes are earned when a player disconnects from a game and is terminated (can no longer rejoin) from a matchmaking game. This does not apply if the game is conceded or if a player can normally leave a match with no penalty.
  • The player can gain several strikes, the first being forgiven. Subsequent strikes will ban the player from matchmaking for an increasingly longer duration. Ranging from 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on how many strikes the player has gotten on their account.
  • 10 days from the player's first strike, the strike count will be cleared out and they start from 0 strikes again.
MMR Decay
  • All players above 2000 MMR have had their MMR adjusted to 1900.
  • All players between 1900 — 1999 MMR have had their MMR adjusted to 1850.
  • All players between 1800 — 1899 MMR have had their MMR adjusted to 1800.
  • Players above 1800 MMR who have not played 5 games in any 10-day period will experience MMR decay at a rate of up to 1% of their rating per day until they are back down to 1800 MMR.
  • Starting in June, the top 100 players on the ladder every month will get a unique name color to signify their achievement.
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