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Patch 3.9.6: Ichor



Debut Edition


Q: Life Leech

Target enemy unit to deal magic damage and apply a movement speed slow for 5 seconds. While marked, allied spells and attacks against this target heal the attackers.

W: Transfusion

Target an ally unit to jump to them and transfer all debuffs on them to Ichor, dealing damage to enemies around him. For the next 5 seconds, Ichor will absorb 100% of the damage dealt to the targeted ally.

E: Saint's Blood

All Physical and Magic Damage dealt to Ichor that exceeds 15% of his current Health is reduced. Each debuff on Ichor reduces the damage by an additional 10%.

R: Bloodrush

Activate to create an aura around Ichor for 10 seconds. Ally heroes in the aura gain 40 attack speed, plus additional attack speed for each allied hero in radius. Enemy heroes in the aura suffer negative attack speed.

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