A goblin, an aberration, and mech walk into Merrick's shop...
To coincide with HoN's end of summer sale, we're serving up a trio of Limited Edition avatars each day this week!  

Today's LE avatars include: Professor Doctor Repulsor, Rift Devourer, and Mecha Gemini. 

Get 'em while they're hot!

09/15/2014 3:41 PM


 In-game payments are working properly!
 Apologies for any inconveniences -- have a great weekend, everyone!


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End of Summer Sale - MM Rewards, Limited Edition Avatars, Gold Sales and much more!

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HoN eSports Weekly 9/9

HoN eSports Weekly 9/9

Hey there HoN eSports fans! We've got another update on all the competitions going on in HoN, including the fiercly competitive HoN Tour Diamond Division, the lower divisions, and an unusual take on this week's Variety Cup. Lets dive right in!

HoN Tour Diamond Division
Cycle 2 kicked off this past weekend, and it posed a lot of questions. How dominant are Sync looking? Will BMG recover from their roster shakeup? What's with the new team, Nullstone Gaming? And who will take the big step to fill the shoes of previous top contenders. Some of those questions were answered, as Sync 2-0'd their way to a spot in the Winner's Finals,. There they will be joined by new dominant force willowkeeper, who took a similar path through REXXARS and Bad Monkey Gaming. BMG fell early into the Loser's Bracket, but recovered with a win over WOP DASH, putting them in the top four going into the second weekend.

The new North American Squad, Nullstone Gaming, was the talk of the town after their run in the Diamond Division. After being dispatched 2-0 by BMG in the upper bracket, Nullstone managed to defeat REXXARS, knocking them to Gold, and took a big upset over #3 ranked Reason Gaming. The new squad features former The Last of US talent like BeaverBanger and WhaT_YoU_GoT, but so far they are looking like real contenders. Be sure to keep an eye on them over the next few cycles

HoN Tour Lower Divisions

After being knocked out of Diamond Division after the first cycle, Shrek is Love and recently reformed The Last of US are fighting to get back into the top division. The two elevator teams are currently in the Winner's Finals of the Gold Division, with at least one guaranteed to make a Diamond comeback. Other competition for that right includes well known teams like Adrians Familj, Twisted Fuzion, DONKEKONG, and the always entertaining FROG No HIPPO.

The recently returned players of FunintheSun v2 are in the middle of an impressive run through the Silver Division. Parakletos and the boys are in the finals, where the HT Season 2 Playoff Team TangZangPang looks to put a stop to the run, and claim victory for themselves. Both teams have already qualified for Gold Division next cycle, so look out for these names. The large Bronze Division is also narrowed down to just four. Each of the teams will bump up to Silver in just a few weeks, but until then The Boy5, Viper eSportsklubb, GermanSquad5 Alpha, and Coil are looking to bring home a Bronze championship.

Variety Cup

Though they were stopped short in the Diamond Division, Dawn came through in the Variety Cup #22. With back-to-back victories in the Grimm's Crossing event they're looking to one up the boys of Grimm's United, but the competition of this event was a bit less than usual. In any case, this week the competition will likely be back in force as the Variety Cup goes to Forests of Caldavar.

This Week's Events

Registration for Variety Cup #23 is open now! The weekly takes a journey into Forests of Caldavar with this Captain's Pick Tournament, so be sure to test your might against some formidable 5v5 teams! HoN Tour Cycle 2 continues this weekend, so be sure to tune in to coverage from Honcast and the HoN Community Casters!

Catch you next week for another report on HoN eSports!

09/09/2014 7:46 PM

Topic: eSports

Sol's Theatre: Elite Eight announced

We won't sugarcoat it: 

Several robust, well thought-out, and entertaining map ideas were submitted, but in the end, creative cacophony was silenced by eight front runners. 

Without further ado, we're pleased to present Theatre's Elite Eight (winners on the left -- map titles on the right):

Modern Saint -- Parasitic Invasion 

Kawaiiiii / HyperXewl -- Newerth Defense 

Daefling -- HoN Ball

Volkocorp -- Zombies of Newerth

Bloodgem -- Warcry 

VoodooPants -- Dungeon Chasers 

Kawaiiiii / HyperXewl -- The Greenlands

Ranadil -- Castle Fight


We will reach out shortly with bounty collection details ($250 each! Noice!) and next steps. Please note, additional map details will not be revealed until videos are live.


09/05/2014 5:11 PM