HoN's 4th Anniversary is right around the corner - let's celebrate!

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S2 vs the Community

Join us in some TMM matches to celebrate our 4th HoNiversary!

On May 9th at 3:00 PM EDT | 9:00 PM CEST, S2 employees will take a break from their work and jump into various game modes in match making.

Make sure to queue up at these times because if you are in a game with an S2 member then you automatically win 100 SC and if you are the winner of that game you get an extra 200 SC!

Is that a Gigantic Snotter??? Run for your lives!!!

Watch your back. We have reason to believe that a Gigantic Snotter is causing chaos up and down the coast of Caldavar. Be on the look out.

Kongor dresses to impress

What's better than an ape in his birthday suit? Not much really.

Expect to see the infamous Kongor looking very dapper this HoNiversary.

HoNiversary MM Rewards

Over the course of the patch, there will be a 1.75x multiplier on all MatchMaking Silver earned

The exact times that silver will be multiplied:
Wednesday May 7th, 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST) to Wednesday May 21th, 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST)

In addition to the bonus Silver you can play/win X amount of stat-enabled Forest of Caldavar games to earn the following prizes:

Play 10 Games Solo or with Friends and get POG Fayde
Win 10 Games Solo or with Friends and get POG Electrician
Win 15 Games Solo or with Friends and get Biker Rampage

We have also recently added Midwars Match Rewards! Here is what you can earn by playing Midwars:

Play 5 Midwars and get Kongor Courier
Play 15 Midwars and get Kongor Taunt

Important Note: Midwars rewards will not show up after a midwars match but they WILL be recorded and count towards the prizes. If you would like to see your progress then you must play a stat enable FoC game and your progress will be shown.

All Rewards will be active for the following duration:

Wednesday May 7th, 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST) to Wednesday May 21th, 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST)

Plinko Exclusive Hippomonium

With the Plinko Odds changing (Check shop restructure below) and the Plinko Odds getting Doubled (Check below), this is your chance to pick up this Exclusive HoNiversary Hippo!

50% Bonus Gold for Everyone

This is the time to stock up on Gold Coins!

From May 7th 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST) and May 12th 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST) everyone will receive 50% bonus coins on any coin pack that they purchase.

Plinko Odds Doubled!
Looking to play some Plinko with all those extra Gold Coins that you just got???

Well, you're in luck! Not only have we reworked the Plinko odds (Check shop restructure below) but, for the extent of the patch, May 7th - May 21st, the odds of landing on a Diamond, Gold, or Silver chest have been doubled!

HoNiversary Frosting Pink

Spend 5000 GC between Wednesday May 7th, 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST) to Wednesday May 21th, 12:00 AM EDT (6:00 CEST) (will be retroactively calculated) to receive the new glowing name color HoNiversary Frosting Pink and it's corresponding icon.

NOTE: The rewards will be added to accounts between May 21st and June 1st.

HoNiversary Gift Bag

These special HoNiversary products will be premium items for sale in Merrick’s shop and in the Plinko Ticket Exchange from May 7th until May 21st. Here are their descriptions:

Vault of the Keeper: Priced at 0 GC! You read right, this product is FREE! With a purchase limit of one, this product will give you 1 Premium Alt Avatar for no charge whatsoever!

Merrick's Mystery Box: Priced at 450GC. Purchase limit of 5. This will contain Basic, Premium, Holiday and Limited Alt Avatars and it will give you 3 products when purchased.

Pandora's box: Priced at 1100 Tickets. Purchase limit of 5. When purchased this will give an Ultimate Avatar, Gold Avatar, EA Avatar, Debut Avatar or one of the Seven Sins/Virtue Avatars!

Merrick's shop gets restructured!

Starting on May 7th a new pricing structure will be implemented, here's what will be changed:

All Avatars ranging from 390GC to 3000SC will be lowered to 390GC to 2500SC
Holiday Edition, Limited Edition, Collection Edition Avatars will stay at their current price of 420GC and 3000SC.

In the event the avatars come back for a special event, their price will be increased to 450GC and 3500SC.

The reason we are doing this is to award players for purchasing the avatar during its original release.

Additionally, Silver prices will not decrease unless there is a sale that dictates otherwise. We would like to maintain the value of all the avatars that we create and thus, not have them lose value over time.

There will also be a change to the odds in Plinko, here are the full details of the change:

Odds to land in each chest:
30 Ticket -> Decreased
60 Ticket -> Slightly Increased
Bronze Chest -> No change
Silver Chest -> Increased by 150%
Gold Chest -> Increased by 200%
Diamond Chest -> No change

The reason behind changing these Plinko Odds was to give those who play Plinko better odds of getting an avatar from their drops, creating a much more fun experience while playing.

After hearing the community's thoughts on Plinko, we felt that this was a necessary change to make and we hope that you all enjoy your Plinko experience a bit more now

The Season of Giving Gifts
Over the course of the patch (5/7 - 5/21), each player will be given the chance to give 5 gift avatars.

To specify, each time you buy an avatar in the store with gold (this promotion does not work with silver) you will be given the option to gift that exact same avatar to a friend by following the prompt screen and entering their username.

Once all 5 gifts are used up, you will not be able to gift any more.

Gifts can be used on all regular products but excludes the following products: Stat Reset, Nickname Change, Subaccount, Stocking Stuffers, Ticket Exchange

Get YOUR avatar into HoN
Got an idea for an avatar that you think would be totally awesome in HoN?

Well, here's your chance to get it implemented into the game.

Over the course of HoNiversary, we will run a community event where one lucky community member will get their avatar idea into HoN!

For more info, head here: coming May 12th!

New HoNored posters!

Since this time of the year is about showing appreciation for all the things that the community does, we are going to knight 2 more dedicated forum goers as the coveted title "HoNored Posters".

Look out for the announcement coming on May 12th!

Nvidia Shield Giveaway!
Like our Facebook and earn entry into our Nvidia Shield Giveaway where one lucky winner will receive a Nvidia Shield (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2422446,00.asp)

Enter in this contest here: coming soon

HoNiversary Email Lottery, 1 lucky winner gets 10,000 GC!

Each newsletter that we sent out for this HoNiversary contains a redemption code that is for an unknown amount of Silver or Gold coins.

The prizes range from 100 SC to a whopping 10,000 GC!

Who knows? You could be the lucky 10,000 coin winner so make sure that you redeem that code!!!

The email will be sent out on Wednesday, 5/7!

HoNiversary 1v1 Showdown
On May 12th tune into HoNcast to catch a special 1v1 Showdown between some of the best teams on the scene!

More information here: http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/sh...y-1v1-Showdown

S2 vs. the Community Streams!

Even if you can't play in the action, we wanted to bring you in on the fun during S2 vs. the Communtiy.

Tune into these streams to catch some of your favorite S2 members streaming to catch all of the action:

Milkfat -
Dangerous Dan -
BreakyCPK -
Smilie - http://www.twitch.tv/s2smilie

05/07/2014 7:26 AM


Weekly Wrap Up: 5-5

With the normal NA and Variety Cups and the Qualifiers for the first Carnage in Caldavar Pro League this past week was a great one for competitive HoN. A good number of teams showed up to play, both casually and competitively, and it made for a week of exciting games and important matches.

Carnage Qualifiers

Out of the many teams who registered to have a shot at future greatness, only six made it through, leaving the others to play in the Amateur Division. But now the Pro League teams will need to prove themselves worthy each week, or risk demotion in June’s Relegation Matches. But after this long and hard fought weekend the teams are ready for the League matches to start this week.

On Saturday, the first rounds of the Qualifiers were played, Rounds of 128 narrowed down to just 8 with an unforgiving best-of-one format. So even the best of teams had to stay on their toes and play it through properly, not leaving anything to chance. The eight spots for the deciding matches on Sunday were determined, moving the teams into the final phase of the tournament.

On Sunday, [BMG]BadMonkeyGaming, the zombie [xCet]Team Excellent, [SynC]Sync eSports, and [Rea]Reason Gaming won their matches with relative ease, and qualified as expected. The losers of this round had to go into another match, as only two of them would be allowed entry into the Pro Division.

What followed were two pretty intense matches and at the end of the day it was the [KNX]REXXARS and [tUS]The Last of US to make the final step. The other teams, [Ic3]Sweet Like ICE and [Fu]The Pirates, came so far but were stopped at the last moment. They will have some time to regroup and play in the Amateur cups now, before they have another chance to get into the Pro Division in five weeks.

Weekly Cups

At the less competitive side of the Heroes of Newerth Spectrum we also had some action, but of the midwars type. Variety and NA Cups #4 were held on the Midwars map and many teams tried their luck this time. In the end it was [BUX]Big Bux Money Crew who stepped into the spotlight big time after defeating both [2v2]Grimms United in the Variety Cup Finals and [PubV]Public Virgins in the NA Cup finals. The Money Crew had won a single cup in the previous week, but by winning both this time around they set a new record for other teams to beat.

Now that all these events are over, it is time to get things really started! The first Pro League matches will begin this Tuesday and the Amateur Open is scheduled for this weekend, with a new Variety and NA Cup starting later this week. So if you want to get involved, get your team together and sign up for one of the amateur events or enjoy Honcast and the Community Casters as they cover all the matches in the Pro Division. Welcome to Carnage in Caldavar!

05/06/2014 6:06 AM