HoN at Gamescom - Prophets Tourney, MM Rewards and much more!

Its that time of the year where all of the biggest names in the video game industry meet in Cologne, Germany to demo their games to over 300,000 visitors. Joining games from industry giants such as EA and Nintendo, Heroes of Newerth will not only have a booth at the convention but we will also be demo-ing the latest and greatest HoN installment - Prophets. The HoN Team will be pairing up with Cooler Master to bring the glory of Heroes of Newerth to Germany!

This year’s convention will start on August 13th and go all the way to August 17th. To keep you up to date on all of the action, we will be keeping our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) updated with pictures, videos and news from the event!

In order to turn Gamescom into an epic celebration for Heroes of Newerth, we have a few different events in store that we thought you guys might be interested in hearing. Here’s what’s going down during the convention:

Live Events at Gamescom

What better to boast at this year's Gamescom than the latest map addition to our TMM? Nothing really, so that's what will be doing! Throughout the entirety of the event we will be exhibiting and demoing Prophets at the Heroes of Newerth booth. On top of this, we will be coinciding the event with two different Prophets Tournaments, one online and one at Gamescom.

1000€ Winner-Take-All Prophets Tournament - Live

Come one, come all! To the rumble royale, the bodacious battleground, the anarchic arena that we like to call Prophets!

At Gamescom, we're partnering up with Cooler Master in order to bring the very best Prophets action. How can we accomplish that, you ask? Easy. We're putting 1000€ on the line.

As you've probably deduced from all the information above, there will be a 1000€Prophets Tournament at the event and this is how its going to work:

Be sure to come by the booth and show your skills in the Prophets Arena.

HoN T-shirts and Giveaways

As with any convention, we will have some winnable swag (i.e. Cooler Master peripherals, HoN T-shirts, etc) and some cool stuff to give away just for dropping by the booth. Be sure to come check us out and see what the HoN Team is all about.

Online Events for Gamescom

Cooler Master Swag Prophets Tournament

In coordination with the Winner-Take-All Prophets tournament going on live at the convention, we will have an online Prophets Tournament where contenders can win prize money, Cooler Master swag, and the pride of exerting your dominance over the competition.

The tournament will have qualifiers taking place from Aug 13th to Aug 16th and the Finals will take place on Aug 17th.

The prizes are as follows:
1st - $125*
2nd - $50*
3rd - $25*
4th-8th - 200 GC*

*These are the bare minimum for prizes and we are looking to add more to them

All the other information can be found in the tournament thread:

The online tournament will be adminned by The_IOvOI.

Gamescom Match Making Reward - Bone Prophet

Continuing on with the Gamescom celebrations, we will be having a Match Making Reward where you can earn a sick Prophet skin, Bone Prophet! Here are the details:

Login and play 1 stat-enabled Forest of Caldavar game each day that Gamescom is going on (Aug. 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th) and collect the Prophet account icon that is connected to each day (you can find them below).

If you own all of the Account icons, you will be able to go to the store and collect Bone Prophet! If you already own Bone Prophet, then 1) nice job on being ahead of the curve 2) you get 5 cool account icons for free !

Each of the day's MM Rewards will start at 11:59 AM EDT and last until 11:59 AM EDT the following day. (1759 CEST Day of - 1759 CEST Day After)

For example: To receive the icon for Day 1 (Wed. Aug 13th) you must play a game between Aug 13th 11:59 AM EDT | 1759 CEST and Aug 14th 11:59 AM EDT | 1759 CEST.

Twitch Stream on August 17th
Want to see the best of the best at Gamescom duke it out in the Prophets Arena for a 1000€ check? Well, you're in luck! We will have a prime time spot on the Twitch Front Page. Check for us casting the tournament from 9:00 AM EDT to 12:00 PM EDT (1500 CEST to 1800 CEST) on Sunday, Aug 17th.  Tune in and catch all the action!

Expanding Sol's Theatre: A $10,000 Community Map Making Contest

The time is now! We know you've been reminiscing about those old Warcraft 3 custom maps that you used to play. The chaotic fever of footman frenzy. The strategic tactics of legion TD. The endless combinations of BINDERS. Trust us, we've been reminiscing too. Imagine those epic creations remade on HoN's K2 Engine. The beauty, the fluidity, the glory! (This is all we've been dreaming about since we announced this....) Well like I said, the TIME IS NOW!

We've officially launched Expanding Sol's Theatre and it is open for anyone to submit ideas! So head to the site, check out all the information about the contest, and submit your idea into the pool of contestants. Who knows, maybe you'll walk away with some big cash?

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