Hereos of Newerth | Introduction

Decapitating your enemies never looked so smooth—you won't miss a beat with Heroes of Newerth's custom K2 Engine.

Heroes of Newerth stands out from the pack with its dark, gritty, and unforgiving gameplay. Be prepared to dance with Death—he already has you in his crosshairs.

Newerth's assortment of more than 100 free-to-play heroes and huge catalog of items ensures a fresh experience. We dare you to try and master every hero.

In Heroes of Newerth's fast-paced, five-vs-five matches, the difference between life and death could be the warrior next to you in the trenches.
Collapse on enemies in the Forests of Caldavar, fight for the high ground on Grimm's Crossing, lead close-quarter combat in Mid Wars, or—if you dare—brave the paranormal chaos of the Great Rift.