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When activated, places a Ward of Revelation at target location.

Reveals stealth units. Initial stock of 2 and a maximum stock of 6. A stock is refreshed every 75 seconds (1 minute and 15 seconds).
Status Effect(s)
Places a Ward of Revelation at target location, which lasts 3 minutes or until destroyed. The Ward of Revelation provides 200 day and night vision, Reveals stealthed units and wards in a 800 radius, and is Stealthed.

Upon placement, will additionally grant vision of all enemy Wards of Sight and enemy Wards of Revelation in the area for 12 seconds. Enemy wards placed after your Ward of Revelation is placed will not be detected through fog.

Wards are Revealed by Wards of Revelation, an active Bound Eye, Towers, and certain abilities. Wards take 4 hits to destroy.
Activation Details
600 Units
Maximum Charges
Only one quarry in all the lands of Newerth yields up the stone that can be used to make Wards of Revelation -- mystic columns that reveal anything that passes nearby, even creatures that normally would be invisible. The art of carving these menhirs is a close-kept secret of a single family of craftsmen, fortunately one large enough not to be at risk of a daemonic raid.