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Capture the Flag is a highly action packed mode where two teams are tasked with the goal of acquiring and returning the enemy team’s flag.

Each team has 5 players on it and the length of an average game is 20 minutes.

Unique to Capture the Flag, all players level up and gain gold on timed intervals keeping the competition close throughout the entire match.

Capture the Flag is a community created map that won the Sol’s Theatre contest and was created by Kawaiiii and HyperXewl.

Number per Side: 1

There is one tower located inside of each base. Towers have slow attack speed but deal high damage making a huge dent in an attacker’s life pool as they attempt to grab the enemy team’s flag.

Number per Side: 1
Number per Side: 1

With one located on each side of the map, the shop allows players to purchase weapons that will aid in turning the tide of the battle.


Neutrals are found dormant outside of each base. They yield a small amount of gold but can be dangerous to kill alone.

Fountain of Regeneration
Number per Side: 1

Fountains are located on the top left corner and bottom right corner of the map. Any player can use the Fountain of Regeneration to heal their health and mana but while in the fountain, they will take amplified damage.

One Found at Center Point.

A powerful rune will spawn every 1 minute in the center of the map. This rune will provide temporary benefits to the player who claims it. These benefits include double damage, invisibility and regeneration. .