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Forests of Caldavar, the standard 5v5 map setting. This map harbors 3 different lanes with a river running through the middle of the map.

Forests of Caldavar can be played as either casual or normal mode.

Forests of Caldavar is an average game length of 30 minutes.

Number per Side: 11

Towers are located in the lanes throughout the map. They are very sturdy defensive structures that deal a lot of damage early on. They must be destroyed before advancing to the enemie's base.

Number per Side: 6

These structures are found deep in the base and are essential for destroying your enemies shrine. Destroying a barracks will significantly increase the strength of your team's creeps in that lane. There are 2 sets of barracks per lane and cannot be attacked until towers in that lane are destroyed.

Number per Side: 5

Neutrals are found dormant in the forest. They yield gold and experience like other creeps but can be more dangerous than your average lane creeps.

World Tree/Sacrifical Shrine
Number per Side: 1

The primary game objective and heart of the legion and hellbourne defenses. The game will end if you can destroy the opposing team's shrine.

Number per Side: 1

Players are allowed to purchase certain consumables that they would normally find at the base, saving them a trip. On Forest's of Caldavar, Observatories are located near the rivers.

Fountain of Regeneration
Number per Side: 1

Fountains provide a safe haven to replenish life and mana without cost and resurrects your hero on death. Enemies that approach your team's fountain will be attacked. The fountain is also home to shopkeepers that allow you to spend gold to purchase powerful items.

Two Found at the River.

Powerful runes will spawn at one random location every 2 minutes. These runes provide benefits to the player like double damage or invisibility. On Forest's of Caldavar, there are spawnpoints are located in the middle of both rivers.

Number per Side: 1

Ancients are found near the rivers and are easily contested by enemy heroes. Ancients yield a large amount of gold and experience but are much more difficult to kill than neutrals or lane creeps.

One found at the River.

Kongor is found in the bottom river near the middle of the map. He is very dangerous and requires a large amount of items and team effort to kill. Slaying Kongor will drop the token of life - an item that will automatically revive the owner when downed.