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Mid Wars is a more casual action packed tug-of-war mode where both teams of 5 battle it out in only one lane.

Mid wars is an average of game length of 20 minutes.

Mid Wars features
- Accelerated gold & experience
- Shortened respawn timers
- New bosses :transmutenstein & zorgath

Number per Side: 2

Towers are located in the lanes throughout the map. They are very sturdy defensive structures that deal a lot of damage early on. They must be destroyed before advancing to the enemie's base.

Secondary Towers
Number per Side: 2

Destroying these towers are not required to attack the opposing shrine. These towers are located deep inside the base and away from the standard lane path. These towers cannot be killed and deal a lot more damage than regular towers.

Number per Side: 2

These structures are found deep in the base. Destroying a barracks will significantly increase the strength of your team's creeps in that lane. In Mid Wars, Barracks provide little emphasis and are there more for flavor.

1 Found at Top of River.

Neutrals are found dormant in the forest. They yield gold and experience like other creeps but can be more dangerous than your average lane creeps.

World Tree/Sacrifical Shrine
Number per Side: 1

The primary game objective and heart of the legion and hellbourne defenses. The game will end if you can destroy the opposing team's shrine.

Fountain of Regeneration
Number per Side: 1

Fountains provide a safe haven to replenish life and mana without cost and resurrects your hero on death. Enemies that approach your team's fountain will be attacked. The fountain is also home to shopkeepers that allow you to spend gold to purchase powerful items.

One Found at top of River.

Powerful runes will spawn every 2 minutes. These runes provide temporary benefits to the player like double damage or invisibility. On Mid Wars, there is only one spawn point located in the top river.

Number per Side: 1 Entrance, 1 Exit

Teleporters exist for faster travel throughout the map. On Mid Wars, teleporters are only one-way travel and are located near the your team's spawn location.

One found at bottom of river.

Transmutenstein and Zorgath are found at the far end of the bottom river. They are very dangerous and require a large amount of items and team effort to kill. Slaying them will yeild the Rune of Power - an rune that temporarily provides the benefits of all runes to the player for a short time.