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Hon Hits 500,000 | Emerald Warden | Nvidia Fix |  Leprechaun Blacksmith
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To thank our fans for bearing with us over the last few weeks, S2 Games has added 2,000 silver coins to all HoN accounts. This is enough coins to buy any non-premium item in the store and our way of saying thank you for your patience, loyalty, and understanding.

Additionally, leaves from Tuesday, May 17 through Thursday, June 9 will be removed from all players. This is in response to server issues and reconnection issues during that timeframe.

Please know that we've been working around-the-clock throughout the past few weeks to resolve the problems and have, as a result, implemented new technologies that will help us combat issues like these in the future.

For more information, please see this thread.

 HoN Hits 500,000 Accounts
We are pleased to announce that Heroes of Newerth has hit yet another major benchmark! On Tuesday, June 19, HoN hit 500,000 paid accounts! There has never been a better time to get your Game HoN and welcome any fresh blood!

 Emerald Warden Joins Newerth

The Emerald Warden is a elusive hero wielding a longbow, high-range spells, and the ability to summon the uncontrollable hawk Gawain. He brings with him two unique aspects to Heroes of Newerth--a basic attack that goes beyond 600 range and a flexible passive summon that is just as potent as the Emerald Warden himself; both of which allow him to make short work of enemies both seen and unseen. With a skillset that caters to striking from afar and seeking out hidden opponents, the Emerald Warden will bring his unique blend of hybrid summoning and casting to Newerth this Friday. We hope you will enjoy him, and be sure to check out the spotlight for more detailed ability information!

For more coverage check out his Hero Spotlight.

Fix for Nvidia Graphics Cards

Players who use nvidia graphics cards will be happy to hear that the latest version of the nvidia drivers include a fix to the black screen issue that many players have experienced.

 Leprechaun Blacksmith

You want the Gold? Leprechaun Blacksmith, brings the gold this week!


 New Courier Sneak Peak

A new Alt Courier is Sneaking into HoN. Keep an eye out for him in the coming weeks!

 HoN Garena Launch
For all of the HoN fans in the SEA region, Heroes of Newerth has just launched on Garena. Don’t miss out on all of the action, play Heroes of Newerth for free today on the Garena client at http://hon.garena.com.

 Community Spotlight: Clan Epzylon
Calling all players! Are you new to HoN and looking to learn the game in a fun and supportive environment? Perhaps you’re an experienced player, but are looking for help in stepping your game up? Or maybe you’re an expert who would like to teach others to maximize their HoNing potential? If so, Epzylon (Epz) wants you! This Training Clan, led by Kwazorn, is filled with dedicated members focused on teaching HoN to new and experienced players alike.

You can apply to join at the clan’s official website: www.epzylon.net.

 The eSPORTS $1500 HoN Challenge
Tt eSPORTS have announced their first Heroes of Newerth competition which is set to begin on July 11th. This event boasts a prize pool of $1500 and is open to all North American teams!!

Register now for your chance to compete in Tt eSPORTS Challenge!

 fnatic Takes The Win at DreamHack Summer 2011
Congratulations to Fnatic MSI for taking first place at this year’s DreamHack Summer 2011! Fnatic defeated Reason Gaming with a 2-0 win and took home a 55,000 SEK prize purse. Additionally, the team is automatically qualified for the DreamHack Winter tournament. The win was their second DreamHack HoN title in a row. In the end, Reason Gaming would have to settle for second place. They still took home 30,000 SEK and impressed many by claiming a podium spot at their first attended international event. TSoG took third place with their win over KD-Gaming and went home with 15,000 SEK.

For more coverage on the event, check out Honcast.