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$40,000 HoN World Cup Reaches Semi-Finals
HoN Costume Party | Community Spotlight | Hero Spotlight: Maliken | SteelSeries QcK+
The HoN World Cup is quickly moving toward an epic conclusion, and with huge cash prizes on the line, the competition is getting even more intense. Don't miss the action as Evil Geniuses, SK Gaming, FnaticMSi, and KDe battle it out in the Semi-Finals of the playoffs for the 1st place prize of $8,000 and a full SteelSeries package!
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 HoN Costume Party
The party's just getting started! Nigma and Swebyson have joined forces to bring you their first collaborative video. Notice any new faces that look like familiar heroes?

Watch Footage From The Party

 Community Spotlight: Ludus Novicius
Whether you are new to HoN and looking for a clan to build you into an experienced player or a patient veteran who enjoys teaching and training others, Ludus Novicius (LN) is the clan for you. Led by DenyTheTruth, LN is focused on helping new players learn HoN by bringing them together with experienced teachers. The clan hosts regular in-house training matches and builds relationships between members for playing public games.

For more information on the clan, check out this thread.

 HoN Hero Spotlight: Maliken
Let MsPudding and Nigma teach you to control the power that is Maliken.

Watch The Newest Hero Guide

 SteelSeries QcK+ Heroes of Newerth Edition
Available Tuesday, November 23rd

SteelSeries is introducing a new co-branded mousepad designed for Heroes of Newerth gamers.  Made of a high-quality cloth material with an optimized textured surface, the SteelSeries QcK+ Heroes of Newerth Edition provides players with a smooth and consistent glide. Optimized for optical and laser technology, the new QcK+ features the original artwork of David Kingaby, winner of the SteelSeries HoN Mousepad Design Contest. Gamers will be able to find the new QcK+ Heroes of Newerth Edition mousepad online at the
SteelSeries web shop (available starting Tuesday, November 23) and at the SteelSeries booth at Dreamhack Winter on November 25-28 in Jönköping, Sweden.