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To Learn More About Nitro

Nitro is a fragile but powerful carry hero who shines most when they stay far away from opponents, peppering them with Ballistic shots while hidden behind the forest's shroud of trees. Nitro has the rare trait of not having a right-click auto attack; in its place they have Ballistic, which allows them to shoot a long range attack while moving.

ROLE: Agility Carry

  • Q
  • W
  • E
  • R

Q | Ballistic

Nitro fires a long range attack in the target direction.Details: Activate to fire an attack toward the cursor that hits up to 1,2,3,4,5 enemies, dealing Nitro's attack damage to all enemies hit. If the target is an enemy hero, Nitro gains a charge granting 10 Attack Speed. Max 0,2,3,4,5 charges. Mana cost of Ballistic increases by 1 mana per hero level of Nitro. If detached from Mauser, range is increased to 1500. Item proc effects work only on the first enemy hit with Ballistic. Ballistic's cooldown is tied to Nitro's attack cooldown.

W | Divide & Conquer/Lock & Load

Nitro detaches from Mauser, sending him to attack their enemies Passively gain bonus damage on Ballistic equal to 0,1,2.5,4,5.5% of the distance traveled by Ballistic. Activate to cause Nitro to detach from Mauser, sending him to target location. While detached, Nitro is immobilized and Ballistic range is increased to 1500.In addition, control is switched over to Mauser who inherits attributes equal to 100% plus 2 x Nitro's level in damage. If Mauser is killed, Nitro will also perish.Divide and Conquer can be cast while silenced.

E | Runaround

Nitro and Mauser burst with energy becoming evasive and slowing nearby enemies. Activate to cause Nitro and Mauser to gain 100% Evasion for 2.5,3.25,4,4.75 seconds. While Runaround is active, Nitro and Mauser receive an aura that applies a 20,25,30,35% Movement Speed slow to nearby enemy units. Runaround cannot be cast if either Nitro or Mauser are silenced or stunned.

R | HEAT Round

Passively causes Ballistic to apply HEAT Round stacks to enemy heroes hit for 5 seconds. Upon reaching 3 stacks, the stacks detonate dealing 150,250,350 Physical Damage. Staff of the Master Causes 4 projectiles to shoot out from the target upon detonation, dealing 100,150,200 Physical Damage and detonates any HEAT Round stacks on the first enemy hero hit.

HoN Origins - Nitro, The Death Prowlers

  • Ravenor

  • Vindicator

  • Forsaken Archer


With a redesign of his Electrical Feedback and Power Overwhelming, Ravenor now spends less time farming and more time looking to dominate in team fights.

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Loaded with an arsenal of soft crowd control, the new Vindicator takes on a much more active role throughout the game while maintaining his carry potential.

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Forsaken Archer

Sporting a complete overhaul on her Call of the Damned, Forsaken Archer has become the go to option for an AoE Magic damage dealing carry.

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  • Pearl

  • Prophet

  • Zephyr


Equipped with some powerful tweaks to her Asphyxiate and Preservation, Pearl now has a presence in the laning phase while still excelling at separating the enemy team.

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Prophet has suffered from a lack of a role or "Role Confusion" since his inception. With these new changes, Prophet will be less level dependent and compete with the best hard supports.

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Flaunting a few buffs to his Cyclones and Typhoon, Zephyr maintains his playstyle while acquiring the ability to start the game off jungling.

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Gameplay and Mode Changes

  • Gameplay

  • Normal Mode

  • Casual Mode


Focusing on improving the quality of life and removing some tediousness from HoN's gameplay, changes to couriers, jungle camps, wards of revelation, lane experience, and towers have been implemented.

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Normal Mode

Taking a directional approach towards focusing on a baseline individual progression, changes have been made to gold/experience bounties and gold/experience distribution.

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Casual Mode

In order to alleviate the sudden destruction of the base after a team fight yet still maintain a fast ramp up of action, a series of modifications have been made to the towers and gold/experience bounties.

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