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Plushies and Misfits

At night the Plushies and Misfits come to life to battle for the soul of the Illuminated Orphanage. A constant battle rages for dominion over one of the most highly contested plots in all of Newerth, the toddler's playroom.


Lucky Draw Exclusive
(4/28 - 5/12)

Night Hound

April 28


May 4


May 12


May 19


May 26


June 2


June 9


Lucky Draw Exclusive
(6/9 - 6/16)

Set Availability

All Plushie and Misfit Avatars will be exclusively available in Plinko for 1 week upon release.

Avatars will then enter the store for 700 Gold Coins individually or 1000 Gold Coins Bundled (Bundle will include Plushie and Misfit of same Hero).

All avatars will remain in Plinko and store until June 23rd.

Lucky Draw

For select times you'll have the opportunity to participate in our Lucky Draw Event!

During the event, you will be presented with a Silver and Gold Claw Machine.

Your first silver draw is on us!

Silver Machine

  • 1 Silver Machine draw for 50 Gold Coins
  • 11 Silver Machine draws for 500 Gold Coins

Gold Machine

  • 1 Gold Machine draw for 100 Gold Coins
  • 11 Gold Machine draws for 1,000 Gold Coins

Nearly every Avatar ever released in Merrick’s Shop is available in both Machines, including the newly released Plushie and Misfit Behemoth. The Gold Machine offers increased odds to land your favorite content.

Lucky Draw is a limited-time event.

Set Bonus: Night and Day Avatars

Purchase the Misfit and Plushie Avatars for the same Hero to unlock the Night and Day Set bonus. Once unlocked, your hero will swap between Misfit and Plushie Avatars depending on whether it’s night or day in-game.

Set Bonus: Plushie Kongor Skin

Kongor turns into a Plushie anytime two or more Plushie and/or Misfits skins are used in the same Forest of Caldavar match.

Set Bonus: Name Colors

Collect the entire set of either Plushies or Misfits and earn the respective Name Color.

Set Bonus: Pet Kongor

Collect 6 Plushie or Misfit avatars and earn the Pet Kongor on all of your Plushie and Misfit Avatars.