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A Colorful Newerth Event | July 18th

The Punks of Newerth are here to leave their mark on the battlefield - Join this baller crew and help create a masterpiece during the Punks of Newerth Event! Here's how to participate:

Win Games

Win Games - For every game you win in Forests of Caldavar or Mid Wars, you'll be able to paint one (1) section of your wall. Paint a maximum of seven (7) times per day!

Complete Walls

Each wall will have seven (7) slots that need to be tagged. Tag up an entire wall in order to upgrade your wall and progress to the next level.

Earn Exclusive Loot

After you complete an entire wall you'll receive a chance to earn event exclusive content from unique avatars to Name colors and everything in between!

Win Games

Punks of Newerth revolves around you - leave your mark on Newerth and make sure your name goes down in history
Win games of Mid Wars or Forests of Caldavar to earn tags for your wall. Each win nets you one (1) tag.
If you team up with a friend and win, you'll earn double the tags! Scoring you two (2) tags per win.
After you win, your tag will automatically appear on your current wall, along with the avatar you won with.
You get to decide which pose your avatar strikes giving you the ability to customize each tag!
There's a limit of seven (7) tags per day so make sure you maximize your progress and earn all seven (7) tags.

Complete Walls

Start off on the lowly back alleys of Newerth and work your way up tagging the biggest and baddest walls in all the land.
All players start their graffiti career as level 1 where you tag basic walls in the slums of Newerth.
Each time you create seven (7) tags, you will complete a wall and move to the next level. Levels are displayed next to your name.
There are seven (7) unique walls between level 1 and level 50. Become the best and tag every type of wall!
If you haven't used up all of your tags for the day, you can earn one (1) extra tag by sharing a completed wall via Facebook.
You can also spend 200 GC to purchase seven (7) tags which will complete an entire wall and earn an additional level.

Earn Loot

The best punk in town deserves the best gear. Rise through the ranks and deck your HoN account out with exclusive loot!
Each time that you complete a wall, you'll also earn one (1) free tag on the Punk Play, a board that contains all the most coveted loot.
The Punk Play will randomly generate one (1) free item from the fifty (50) possible rewards, thirty-nine (39) of rewards are event exclusive.
There will be no duplicate rewards so if you reach level 50 you'll earn every event exclusive reward possible.
There will be ten (10) event exclusive avatars. Five (5) will be available in store. The other five (5) will be Punk Play Exclusive.
All Punk Avatars will have special interactions in the event, including a new in-game feature where they leave a graffiti mark on the ground after a kill.
Event Exclusive loot will become unavailable in the store at the end of the event so make sure to snag it up before it's gone!

What are you waiting for? Get tagging!

The Punks of Newerth will only be around from July 18th to August 14th so grab your friends, jump in-game, and get tagging!

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