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New Hero

- September 26th

Sapphire of the Crystal Caverns

A ranged, agility hero who sets up team fights, deals strong AoE damage, and provides solid single target lockdown.

(Q) - Reckless Charge

Knocks back a target dealing damage and a situational stun.

(W) - Unstable Shard

Spawn a Shard that deals AoE damage when targeted.

(E) - Quickshield

Apply a shield that absorbs damage and increases Attack Speed.

(R) - Crystallize

Freeze enemies in an area, leaving them stunned and invulnerable.


Sapphire of the Crystal Caverns is an ancient being, the last of her race of elemental channelers who once served as arbiters in the conflicts between Man and Beast. Sapphire lived among the tribes and packs of The Savage Lands, where the bloodshed was greatest, for she knew that if she could help create a peace there, the rest of Newerth may follow.

Sapphire  | Release September 26

Picaroon  | Release September 26  |  450GC

Kinetic  | Release October 11  |  390GC  |  2500SC