Calling all architects! It’s time to dust off your tape measures, scales, and tracing paper: Sol’s Theatre, Newerth’s $10,000 map making contest, is coming your way August 1.

Concluding the contest the winning map will be added to Heroes of Newerth and represent the second chapter in Sol’s Theatre!
HoN Tour Qualifiers kick off
Did you miss out on the qualifiers? No worries – there’s still time to participate in HoN Tour Season 3! Grab four friends and register for HoN Tour cycle one. Sign ups open on August 10th!
eSports Plinko: July 30
Show pride in your competitive scene and earn cool content! This year, 25% of all eSports Plinko proceeds will funnel directly into HoN Tour Season 3’s prize pool! Plinko also features:

Footlocker-Exclusive – miss out on avatars during last HoN Tour World Finals? They’re back!

Increased odds – odds of nabbing new URSA CORP content have been increased!
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