What is the War Effort?

The War Effort is a new quest system for Heroes of Newerth that rewards players for completing daily objectives. Two quests will be active at a time in HoN's user interface (UI). Each time an objective is fulfilled, you'll receive War Effort Reputation points, and the previous quest will be replaced with a new challenge.

Not in the mood to complete one of the quests presented?
Don't sweat it. ONE quest may be re-rolled, per day,
with the replacement quest being picked at random.

Quest Information

Your Quest Begins

War Effort quests add another layer of excitement and playability to Heroes of Newerth by giving players the opportunity to complete certain objectives in order to receive a reward.

Quest action items range from tasks that players are likely to complete every day, such as winning a match of Forests of Caldavar, to defeating a hero who has a few levels on you, and everything in between.

A Rewarding Campaign

Your Reputation is Everything

Those who offer their services to the War Effort will be rewarded with Reputation Points, which can be earned by playing games and completing quests.

Reputation earned adds up over time and can be used to unlock War Effort Chests and Satchels that contain in-game goodies.

The 14th and final unlockable container houses the Treasure of Champions — a chest with the War Effort's most prestigious prizes.

Satchel Availability

Satchels and chests will be made available at the rate of one (1) per day.

Only one (1) satchel will be available on the first day. On the fifth day, five bags and/or chests will be available to unlock.

Be warned!
To claim every cycle reward you must ensure there is enough time to access all 14 satchels and/or chests.

Note: After all 14 War Effort rewards have been claimed, players are encouraged to continue completing daily quests, as each quest adds to their final leaderboard tally.
See leaderboard



Climb the Ladder

Think you've got what it takes to climb to the top? Prove it.

Recruits can see the impact of their efforts by referring to the War Effort's monthly leaderboard. At the end of each 28 day cycle, the most active players (top 20%) will receive additional awards for their efforts.

Players worthy enough to maintain a top fifty spot will earn Heroes of Newerth's most prestigious reward, The Trophy Avatar.

Top 10 players will receive:
A Cycle Chat Icon; Trophy Avatar; and 390 Gold Coins.

11 - 50 Ranked players will receive:
A Cycle Chat Icon and Trophy Avatar

51 - 100 Ranked players will receive:
A Cycle Chat Icon and 200 Gold

101 - 250 Ranked players will receive:
A Cycle Chat Icon and 500 Silver

251 - 1000 Ranked players will receive:
A Cycle Chat Icon and 250 Silver

1001 - 5000 Ranked players will receive:
A Cycle Chat Icon


What is the War Effort?

The War Effort is a new in-game quest system for Heroes of Newerth that rewards players for completing daily objectives.

When does the War Effort begin? How long does it last?

The first War Effort cycle begins January 28. War Effort CYCLES will typically last for 28 Days.

Who can participate in the War Effort?

The War Effort is open to everyone! Begin your journey by logging in and playing today!

What are reputation points?

Reputation points are the War Effort's "currency" that can be exchanged for goodies. Once a player has accumulated enough points they may open their reward.

What kind of rewards can I earn?

War Effort rewards range from silver coins to prestigious Trophy Hero avatars that are reserved for recruits that complete the most quests throughout the season (top 50, as determined by the War Effort's leaderboard).

The final reward during a cycle will be The Treasure of Champions, which contains a War Effort exclusive product.

How do I open my rewards?

At the beginning of each War Effort Cycle, players will accumulate a satchel or chest at the rate of one (1) per day. Players can hold up to five at once.

Once enough reputation points are earned, that satchel or chest can be opened, thus freeing up another slot (a new satchel or chest will appear the DAY after a new space becomes available).

Up to fourteen (14) satchels or chests can be opened with reputation points during the course of one War Effort Cycle.

What exclusive avatars can be earned during War Effort Cycles?

These will be introduced at the beginning of every cycle.

Featured Avatar (obtained by opening The Treasure of Champions)

Trophy Avatar (obtained by completing the most quests during the first cycle — top 25 players)

What games are eligible for quest completion?

Quest eligibility is available to any player vs player games on official matchmaking servers. Players will have to challenge their peers on various maps and modes to maintain their rankings on leader boards. To maintain the integrity of the competition, we've disabled the eligibility for public games and bot matches at this time.

How do quest rewards affect my sub-accounts?

Each sub-account will have its own respective quests for completion similar to existing match rewards. Just as sub accounts share access to your gold and store vault, so will all rewards obtained from the bags. Bag completion progress will also be shared across all accounts. If you find yourself not enjoying particular quests on one account, you can always jump to another for more options.

Will my sub-accounts appear on the leader boards?

Just as each individual sub-account has its own matchmaking rating and statistics, so will its completion count towards the competitive leader boards.

When does the Quest Leaderboard update?

The quest leaderboard will update every two hours.

Where is the leaderboard located?

The quest system's leaderboard is located in the top right corner of the War Effort's in-game user interface, to view, simply click the red "ladder" button.

What if I don't like my quests?

If you are unsatisfied with the quests available, you may elect to "re-roll" one per day. There is a "re-roll" icon located on each quest.

How do I stay updated with The War Effort Cycle's and prizing?

Available prizes for The War Effort's first Cycle can be found on Heroesofnewerth.com/thewareffort. Information regarding future cycles will be located in the patch notes at the start of each cycle.