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Warchief  -  New Hero

June 20


As a melee, intelligence hero Warchief dominates the battlefield calling down his totems to aid him in combat, best suited as a semi-carry or ganker.

(Q) - Sacred Totems

Spawns helpful totems that can damage, heal, and stun.

(W) - Spirit Walk

Spawns spirit that damages and can be teleported to.

(E) - Power of the Elders

Passively increases next attack based on Intelligence.

(R) - Warcry

Creates aura that buffs allies, quickening their cooldowns.


The legendary horn Warcry has been passed through generations within the Red Sand tribe of The Savage Lands, carried by the warrior strongest in spirit, fighting skill, and honor. This person is called Warchief until the time comes to pass into the spirit world and hand the horn to the next great leader, who is responsible for the survival of the tribe's people and ways.

The Warchiefs were successful in this until the rise of Apex, who massacred the tribe in an attempt to claim Warcry and the power of the Elders contained within. Now the sole survivor of his people, Warchief carries this devastating weapon against the forces who destroyed his entire world, and when they are defeated he will finally join his tribe in the spirit world.

Warchief  | Release June 20th

Purgatory  | Release June 20th  |  450GC

EXO Warchief  | Release July 5  |  390GC  |  2500SC