A Spine Chilling

Halloween Event

In the deepest, darkest nooks of Newerth resides a place where nightmares exist as reality.
If you think you're brave enough to travel there, proceed with caution.
Rumor has it, unsuspecting visitors are known to get hooked in.

Learn the Mode

Skill Upgrades

After each level up, you will be granted one skill point to use to upgrade one facet of your hook.

Hook Upgrade (Damage)

With a starting damage of 235 each upgrade will permanently increase this damage by 15.

Hook Upgrade (Range)

With a starting range of 1600 each upgrade will permanently increase this range by 120.

Hook Upgrade (Speed)

With a starting speed of 1100 each upgrade will permanently increase this speed by 40.

Hook Upgrade (Radius)

With a starting radius of 70 each upgrade will permanently increase this radius by 5.

Shop Items

As you collect gold you will be able to purchase four different types of objects from the shop to help you win the game: Hook Upgrades, Items, Hero Upgrades, and Consumables.

Hook Upgrade: Firehook
Creates an aura underneath nearby enemies on hook that explodes damaging/fearing.
Hook Upgrade: Frosthook
Slows and damages all nearby enemies on hook impact.
Hook Upgrade: Lighthook
When toggled your hook will phase through allies. Increases vision on hook.
Hook Upgrade: Hemorrhage
Bleed Damage during hook. Can upgrade 3 times.
Hook Upgrade: Life Steal
Heals you for a percentage on hook impact. Can upgrade 3 times.
Hook Upgrade: Back Hook
Allows Chain Hook to grab heroes on its way back to you.
Hook Upgrade: Bounce Boost
Hook Range increases on every bounce.
Item: Pebbles Arm
Throws nearby enemy to target position.
Item: Shield Wall
Creates a collision surface that blocks movement and reflects hooks.
Item: Grapple
Shoots out a grapple line that pulls you to the target or pillar.
Hero Upgrade: Speed
Increases movement speed by 12. Can be upgraded 5 times.
Hero Upgrade: Level Tome
Increases Hero Level by 1.
Consumable: Healing Ward
Places a healing totem that heals nearby allies.
Consumable: Blind Grenade
Throws a grenade that blinds enemies in a radius, greatly reducing their vision.
Consumable: Flare
Shoots a flare that reveals an area at the target location.
Consumable: Land Mine
Places a land mine that explodes on enemy contact.

Explore the Arena

Enter Newerth's colosseum of destruction, the Devo Wars Arena, and prove yourself in one
of the deadliest stadiums around.

  • The River
  • Rune Spawns
  • The Shop
  • Center Pillar
  • Grapple Posts
The River is the only thing separating your team and your enemies. Hook enemies over to your side to ensure an easy kill but beware the trouble that awaits you if the other team manages to hook you over to theirs.
Randomly spawning every 20 seconds from different sides of the river, these could turn the tides of a battle or blow up your face but only if you can hook it.
Where there is fighting, there is always a merchant willing to turn a profit on the killings. Head to the shop to pick up key upgrades during your skirmishes on the battlefield.
A pivotal point on the map, the center pillar deflects incoming hooks. Great for protection but even more impressive if you're able to skillshot a hook off of it.
When you find yourself in enemy territory and you've equipped yourself with the Grapple, head for these posts, which will allow you to successfully traverse the river and escape to the safety of your own side.
Map Layout of Devo Wars Map

Experience the Event

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