Creative Continuum #14: Minion Madness

Have you entered the latest Creative Continuum: Minion Madness?  If not check out the description below and enter to compete with some of the already awesome submissions from the community!  

Behind every dastardly devil, evil-doer and conniving villain, there are those that do his dirty work. His loyal and trusted servants. His tried and true friends. His minions!

Only the baddest of the bad have minions surrounding them, doing their dirty work and keeping the gears of their very own Doomsday Machine running. Here in the Newerth Community, we're going mad for minions in celebration of our new hero Klanx, who is delighted to have his very own minions attend to his every whim on the battlefield.

In this creative continuum, we want to see you create your own minions. What kind of minions would you want to have? The fluffy, cute type that distract your enemies into a false sense of security right before you attack. Or the intimidating bruisers that strike fear into the very core of your enemies.

Tap into your creative talent and create your ideal minions!

The rules are really simple, create your own minions. Design, draw, sculpt, etc. You may use any artistic outlet you want to create your loyal servants.

The submissions will be judged on quality, creativity, and originality.

The guidelines to follow are:

It must be appropriate
It must be your own work

We will review all entries and choose the top five submissions as winners.

Submit your work to the submission thread found on the forums

Important dates and deadlines:

Contest starts: Wednesday November 20, 2013
Submit your creation by: Wednesday December 11, 2013
Top 5 winners will be announced: Wednesday December 18, 2013

The top 5 entries will receive their choice between: Debut edition avatar - Sky Pirate Klanx OR Ultimate avatar - Doomsday Klanx

In addition to the top entries receiving prizes, for every 10 entries, 1 random person will receive 100 GC and 1 random person will receive 100 SC.

 Some awesome entries that have already been submitted:

By _Ronin_
By Token
By MrCurrent

12/04/2013 2:52 AM

Topic: Community

S2 Games Matching Donations to the Philippines

S2 Games is reaching out to the community to help provide much-needed clean drinking water to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. S2 Games is matching your donations dollar-for-dollar. Visit to donate now.

One hundred percent of donations will go toward the purchase and distribution of AquaPails, small filtration systems that can filter 5000 gallons into clean, consumable drinking water.

To thank you for your donations, we're offering tiered prizes for both Heroes of Newerth and Strife. As we reach our goals, new prizing may be added, so be sure to check back to the giving page for updates!

Goals and Prizing
For every donation of $10 that you make, you get the chance to take part in a lucky drawing as we reach each of our giving goals.

  • When we raise $1000 – 5 lucky givers will receive the Limited Edition Avatar of their choice. We will also unlock 10 Strife Closed Beta keys to randomly give away to the community on Strife's Facebook
  • When we raise $5000 – 10 lucky givers will receive the Gold Avatar of their choice. We will also unlock 20 Strife Closed Beta keys to randomly give away to the community on Strife's Facebook. 
  • When we raise $10,000 – 20 lucky givers will receive any Avatar of their choosing from the HoN Store. We will also unlock 40 Strife Closed Beta keys to randomly give away to the community on Strife's Facebook.

*Remember, each Beta code redeemed when Closed Beta goes live will unlock 4 more for your friends!

Thank you so much for your help in assisting the people of the Philippines during this difficult time. 

11/16/2013 2:50 AM

Topic: Community

Recording the Samuel L. Jackson Announcer Pack

Hey everyone, Diva here!

Working for S2 Games owns for a lot of reasons, but getting to work with Samuel L
Jackson to record a HoN Announcer Pack is definitely a recent highlight. I'm not typically one to
get awestruck, but it's SAMUEL L JACKSON. He could represent lightsabers, tasty burgers, an
eyepatch, or snakes on a vehicle of aerial transport to you, but to me Samuel L Jackson
represents something beyond an immensely talented actor who's played some pretty awesome
roles. To me, Sam Jackson represents a cool persona of pure bad-assery, a wonderful
discordance of rough and smooth. Poetic waxing aside, he was basically next to Kate Upton on
my want-to-meet list - albeit for vastly different reasons. Not only did I get to meet Sam, but I
got to watch and listen to him record lines that we wrote at S2 Games!

Stephen Baker (our sound technician) and I arrived early for our recording session
because well, Sam Jackson doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want to keep waiting. What's
amazing is that even before we saw Sam, we knew that he had arrived from his voice
reverberating through the hallway. His is a voice so iconic that I instantly got giddy with
anticipation. Then I saw him stroll in, dressed so casually that even I, flip-flop-wearer-until-it-
snows, envied his comfort. All I could think was: What. A. Bad. Ass.

Interacting with Sam was awesome, because he was everything I had hoped he'd be.
Bottom line: Samuel L Jackson is what we would call a troll. He totally loves joking around and
messing with people, and is really down-to-earth. We shared some laughs over the recent
twerking-and-tongue antics of a certain young miss and got down to business. Watching Sam
work is eye-opening - you can really easily tell why he is so successful. The way he approached
our lines was phenomenal, and he displayed a command of and diversity in his voice that was
extremely impressive. For me, meeting and working with Samuel L Jackson was an amazing
experience of a lifetime. We hope that the Samuel L Jackson Announcer Pack will translate
some of that awesome experience directly to you guys. Enjoy!

10/11/2013 4:01 AM

Topic: Community, Content

33% Off Gold AND Silver, Circe Deceives Merrick for Storewide Sale!

 The femme fatale, Circe the Deceiver has ensnared Merrick with her charm and used her doppelganger ability to replicate Merrick, taking control of the HoN store!  With the HoN store under new management, "Merrick" has decided to host a blowout sale!  From now until October 2nd, everything* in the HoN store will go on sale for 33% off (Gold and, for the first ever, Silver).  To make this deal even sweeter, you can puck up a 200 gold coin pack for just $1 (limit one per player)! Be sure to cash in on these saving soon as Merrick will not be hypnotized by the enchantress forever.

Circe the Deceiver is the newest hero to grace Newerth.  This free-to-play, ranged, intelligence hero is available now!!!

*Note: sale does not include alt avatars Poison Circe or Iron Maiden Circe

09/26/2013 8:59 AM

Topic: Community

Circe the Deceiver Video Teaser