Creative Continuum #16 -- ComicHoN

Welcome to the Creative Continuum #16: ComicHoN. 

Do you like creating art and make people laugh ? Then you came to the right place. This contest is all about having a good time by sharing your own ComicHoN story with the community.

What does comic art mean you ask ? Well the simplest description I can give you is - "a sequence of drawings in boxes that tell an amusing story".

Contest Rules and Guidelines 

Your art must be submitted in comic format. Read from left to right (Western Style);
You may use any artistic outlet to create your work be it digital or drawn sketches or any other method you usually use to create your artwork;
Submissions must contain at least 1 comic page (minimum of 4 panels per page) , must be your own original work , must be HoN related , must be content appropriate and last but not least no cut and paste or screenshots. Memes and stick figures with hero captions for heads may be funny, but they wont be valid for judging in the contest;
There is no limit to the number of comic art submissions you can do so go nuts and create as many as you wish;
Good luck to all of you;

Picking the winners

Submissions will be judged based on humor , quality and creativity;
The first three winners will be chosen by [S2]AceJR;
The last two winners from 4th and 5th place are considered [GM]JinZero's wild cards thanks to his gold donation so he will be choosing them from all of your submission.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Contest starts: Wednesday 5th of February 2014;
Submission period ends on: Wednesday 26th of February 2014;
Winners announced: Wednesday 5th of March 2014;


Ok , so this creative continuum is a little special in terms of prizes as it gives you a shot at winning one of the currently locked avatars , and I saw that there are lots of players out there who would love to get their hands on a Sachi Swiftblade or a Golden Pebbles so now is your chance.

Edit on prizes: One of my good friends from the Gm clan[GM]JinZero is donating 1500 gold coins to this contest so we will add two more winners and spread the gold amongst all winners;

First place - Any avatar of your choosing from the store + 200 gc;
Second place - Any avatar of your choosing from the store that is not gold edition, ultimate or 7sin/virtue + 200 gc;
Third place - Any avatar of your choosing from the store that is not gold edition, ultimate, 7sin/virtue, EA, limited or holiday + 200 gc;
Fourth place - 450 gc;
Fifth place - 450 gc;

Head to the General Discussion Section of the forums for more information and to enter the contest!

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