Hey guys, I'm [S2]malloc. I've been a programmer on HoN for over 2 years now, and I was the one who wrote the majority of HoN's bot code. I'm also the S2 liaison for and manager of the Community Bot Team.

As many of you know, the Community Bot Team is a group of community members who work with developers in the community to create and refine new hero bots, behaviors, and AI fixes into HoN.

So far you've seen much of their and the community's work implemented in HoN; the Amun-Ra, Rhapsody, Soul Reaper, and Engineer bots are all works of community ingenuity! But there's been issues with our submission process, as well as the way we were managing code before. It had created a large hurdle between code being accepted and code being integrated into the game (especially for smaller projects and fixes). That's why we sat down and refined our process, but most importantly decided to move the code to GitHub.

GitHub is an online, open-source code management system that makes it much easier for the Bot Team to work with community developers and their code. It allows them to more easily merge changes from community projects into their code base, which in turn makes it easier for me to work with them to get it into S2's code base. It also makes the whole process much more transparent to everyone, and is very easy to use.

Basically, it makes it easier for your code to get into the game. The easier that is, the more changes and improvements the bots will get (and the more rewards go to the authors).

We've set up some posts to help everyone get set up with GitHub, as well as updated our submission posts to make it as clear as possible how your code gets into the game.

For those that don't want to use GitHub directly, a forum-based review will still be supported; once your forum-review is complete, the reviewer will integrate your code into the GitHub repo.

So let's get started creating awesome AI! Visit the Bot Forum, or join the conversation on IRC.

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Report-A-Player Statistics and Overview

Hi everyone! Feanux here, looking to bring you the latest Report-A-Player (RAP) statistics and provide some monthly insight.

First off I'd like to give a brief overview of the RAP system so we're all on the same page. We have 6 negative categories in which players can fall into: Chat Abuse, Feeding/Stat Manipulation, Impersonating Staff, Ability/Item Abuse, Bad Nickname/Clan name, and Avoiding AFK Detection.

To report someone, simply click on the ban-hammer next to their name (either in-game or after the match), select the category, enter a small description and select a time. Press the submit button when you are done and you're one step closer to helping improve the community.

Each player reported can have multiple tickets from different players against them, and they should! This helps us to determine who the repeat offenders are and get them out of the game as soon as possible; the more you report the sooner they're gone.

Let's get into some of the statistics to see where we stand for the month of June.

Well over 25,000 individual Player Reports (or Tickets as well call them) were submitted and completed for last month. Here's a breakdown of how the categories looked:

Chat Abuse
Guilty: 81%
Innocent: 11%
Warned: 8%

Feeding/Stat Manipulation
Guilty: 75%
Innocent: 23%
Warned: 2%

Impersonating Staff
Guilty: 27%
Innocent: 70%
Warned: 3%

Ability/Item Abuse
Guilty: 73%
Innocent: 19%
Warned: 8%

Bad Nickname/Clan name
Guilty: 16%
Innocent: 84%
Warned: 0%

Avoiding AFK Detection
Guilty: 53%
Innocent: 38%
Warned: 9%

Ideally we would like to see all of the tickets we receive to be 100% guilty, but realistically that won't happen. Why 100% guilty you might ask? Well, the more guilty reports we get, the less time we have to spend on the players who did nothing wrong, the innocent group. The faster we can do reports of other guilty players the sooner they become suspended and learn their lesson.

Let's look at some of the categories with high innocent percentages and see what we can do to make those better.

Impersonating Staff - Remember to report these players who say they are a staff member (or GM) and will ban you (real staff won't say that!). Or maybe their best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who knows Maliken and will get you banned (whew!). Someone saying you're going to get banned for breaking the rules isn't going to be a guilty offence, but them telling you they will ban you is.

Bad Nickname/Clan name - These accounts and clans should be reported if their names are not safe for work and/or are meant to be directly offensive. While I can't give direct examples of what the bad nicknames would be, anything vulgar, racially, or ethnically offensive are not allowed.

If we can work on providing higher quality reports, we can be the change in the community that we want see. We have the systems in place, we just need you to keep it up!

If you have any questions or concerns about the RAP system feel free to head on over to the RAP Feedback Section on the forums and talk about it with Game Masters.

Thanks for reading!

07/03/2013 1:23 AM

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Community Corner: Part #1

Hey everyone! My name is AceJR and I’m the Community Manager for HoN.

In this blog series, I will be giving you guys updates on general events around the community and summaries about what’s been going on and different hot topics. Hopefully this will help you guys stay in touch with what has been going on in HoN and give you guys a chance to get involved with some of the awesome events that go on everyday in your community.

Past and Current Events

Serious Business Cup Season 11
The Serious Business Cup Season 11 was held on Sunday, June 9th. 21 teams battled it out for a total prize pool of 13000 gold coins. Team YEYE (with NoVa ringing for them) won by defeating Justice League Online with a 2-1 victory in the epic bo3 finals. The third place match was played between FTGS Alpha and team excellent, with the latter coming out on top. At first, the event was streamed and casted with Beef and iNsania on twitch.tv/complexityhon with around 500 live viewers. The finals were covered by nfgDan and Mangy of teamstaygreen with around 1600 live viewers. Also a lottery took place for all of the participants and 6 of the lucky winners recieved 5$ (200 coin) packs.

The Serious Business Cup Seasons are hosted and ran by Klejf with various helpers! They are held almost weekly and are open to players/teams of all skill level. Look for sign-ups in the Competitive Discussion section of the Heroes of Newerth Forums.

FTGS 1v1 Tournament
The clan FTGS ran a 1v1 inhouse tournament last week, headed up by PyschoX aka Maddog. The tournament had 60 people participate in it and was casted on www.twitch.tv/maddoogg. FTGS’s very own Minimaggot casted the tournament along with PyschoX. The competition was steep with many heads clashing to prove themselves the best in the clan. After some well fought semi-finals and finals games, abyssion` took the title as 1v1 champion taking home 1000 GC. Other noticeable positions were acidp0is0n in 2nd, abu11fouad in 3rd, and pxa in 4th. Also, kill3rkro3t3 was randomly selected as the “lucky skin winner” and can now be found in Newerth sporting the sexy DJ Rap City skin.

To find out more information about the FTGS clan contact anyone mentioned in this forum post or pop in on the stream, www.twitch.tv/maddoogg

BeastyBird 5v5
The 5v5 tournament was a great hit! There was a total of 34 teams participating in the tournament ranging from brand new teams to some of the more experience ones containing popular players such as Nova and megabever! Although there were some minor issues towards the end of the tournament these were quickly resolved with all players still on good terms. The teams battled hard with the team Four and a half men (led by captain Imba) meeting team Tempteam (led by captain Megabever) in the winners bracket final. Tempteam took the win and moved on to the grand finals to play the winner of the loser bracket finals, Norge (led by captain Loiz). Tempteam, again, ended up on top and took home the winnings of 5000 GC.

Congrats to everyone who participated and look for more BeastyBird tournaments on the General Discussion and Competitive Discussion sections of the forums.

Excellent Tournament
The first Excellent Tournament was played last week and it was, indeed, a great event!

We had 22 teams viciously vying for the grand prize of 5000 gold coins! The winners of the event were DCx aka Justice League but it was no walk in the park to victory. They had a hard grand finals vs “The best of five” but they took the series 2 games to 1. The finals were everything that we had hoped them to be. We saw some different, more diverse hero picks such as devourer, Valkyrie and gauntlet and one of the games came down to an epic conclusion at the 80th minute. The tournament ran well with no major hiccups, games were played on-time in an orderly fashion.

In conclusion, DCx took home the 5000 dollars, Best of five took home 3000 gold coins, and at a respectable 3rd/4th place were 4 and a half men and waveya taking home 1500 coins each.After the grandfinals we also had 2 Tempest avatar giveaways which allot of people were pumped to win! We had teamstaygreen with dan and mangy casting everything until the finals they sat around 1000+ viewers. The other day I casted the epic finals on my stream with around 500+ viewers !

For more information about Excellent Tournaments, please contact Pew or go to the website http://excellent.tourney.cc/ to get the full details about when the next one will be. As of now it is planned for June 20th, so sign up and maybe you will be the next team to take home 5000 GC!

Aluna Art Contest
S2’s own Nidhogg decided to throw an Aluna Art Contest in honor of the arrival of Stardust Aluna to Newerth. This art contest was to showcase Stardust Aluna and the current heroes of Newerth in a meeting - scenery and composition totally up to the artist. The twist was that it had to be done in MSpaint. We had 42 entries and of those, 3 reign as first place winners!

Look forward to more community events thrown by [S2]Nidhogg by checking the General Discussion section of the forums.

Lucky Monday!
Over the past four Mondays, the community’s very own EnconHun has been running the event called Lucky Monday in the General Discussion section of the forums. It has been a wonderful way for community members to earn Silver and Gold coins through simple, fun games of chance. This week the community was asked to guess some of EnconHun’s favorites in HoN for a chance to win 50 SC for each correct guess.

For your chance to win, head to the General Discussion forums on Monday and check out the latest Lucky Monday by EnconHun.

Pebbles 2v2 Tournament
Community event “2v2 Pebbles Midwars” by dmal is taking action in Newerth on June 14th at 8pm CEST. A sticky in the General Discussion of the HoN forums is where you can view what time this event is held in your timezone as well as the single elimination bracket link to see who is signed up. There are specific rules in place that each team must abide by which are also viewable on the forums, such as “Codex is strictly restricted” and stat enabled game mode.
Come check out this sweet event and sign-up.

DreamHack Summer 2013
DreamHack Summer 2013 is right around the corner! Honcast has some special tricks up their sleeves as far as entertainment goes while there is sure to be a plethora of great games played. Check out the Competitive Discussion section of the forums for further details on DreamHack Summer and tune into Honcast from June 15th to June 18th to catch all the action.

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