Patch 3.4: A Rising Tide (Preview)

Welcome to Newerth,  Lord of the Abyss!


Without further ado, we're proud to present Riptide.

The new Hellbourne strength hero, Riptide is an ancient elemental from the bedrock of what became Caldavar. He has emerged from the primordial deep of the Inner Sea, manifesting the enormous power of the cold, black tides that once covered all of Newerth. Our advice: learn to swim.

Riptide Riptide

While we're very excited about the addition of Riptide, he's not the only thing that will alter Newerth's landscape -- here's a preview of new features/changes to come in A Rising Tide.

Shadowblade  Buff

Intellect, Strength, or Agility -- Shadowblade is arguably one of the most versatile heroes in Newerth. That said, we wanted to expand on that role with some minor buffs, most notable with Staff of the Master (SOTM). For a hero that thrives so much on stats, Sotm is a natural item to pick up as it adds a lot to customizing power. New SOTM effects include:

- Reduced cooldown from 30 seconds to 5 seconds
- While in Strength form you get 30/50/70% Cleave
- In Agility form you gain Unit Walking and True Strike
- In INT form all of your attacks drain 40/60/80% of your INT in mana from the enemy and return it to you.

Shadowblade will also receive ability duration increases and changes to his ultimate, Essence Shift. 

Jungle Camp 

We've stirred things up at a neutrals camps. (And added some new NPCs!)

- Vagabonds have been moved from the medium camp to the small camp(remove one to compensate)
- Ebulas have been moved from the small camp to the medium camp with a new Werebeast King
- Replaced the Minotaur Medium Camp with 2 antlore archers, 1 antlore healer, and 1 new antlore summoner with the raise dead ability - Summons a skeleton from a corpse
- Werebeast Enchanter now has the far sight ability usable when controlled by players - Grants vision of an area for a brief duration
- Replaced 1 Fire Ogre with a Crazy Alchemist with the transmute ability - Instantly destroys another non hero unit

Cthuluphant Rework 

You thought Cthuluphant was tanky before? You haven't seen anything yet. The main goal with a rework of our favorite elephant friend is pretty basic: expand on his initiation role. Moving forward, Cthuluphant will be able to cause more chaos in team fights. As a side note, this rework will coincide more with this heroes lore. 

04/04/2014 4:13 AM

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