Hey guys, Buro here. A major content change is on the horizon. In an effort to diversify HoN's hero pool, we are making a total of 29 hero modifications, ranging from minor tweaks to complete reworks. Today, we're happy to announce that a large overhaul will be made to Artillery.

In the Artillery rework, we have moved him away from the auto attack-centric play that we often see now and really emphasize the long range, ability based carry role that he was built around.

Here's a brief look at his new skill set:

LRM: Artillery's main carry skill. This ability, while retaining the same essence of the original LRM, will now fire more rockets at a longer range, allowing Artillery to carry from a distance no other hero can achieve!

Mortar Shot: This death-from-above ability is used to bombard his enemies from afar and has a variety of uses both in lane and in a teamfight.

Special Ammunition: Artillery's Bunker Down ability has become fully passive, emphasizing his role by increasing the range of all of his abilities instead of his auto attacks.

Homing Missile: This is a single target heat seeking missile that stuns more or less based on how far it has traveled, allowing Artillery to setup a devastating LRM.

Be sure to check out Artillery's revamp when HoN 3.2: Salomon's Fortune goes live July 26!

07/24/2013 6:06 AM

Topic: Development