Hero Release Schedule

Hello fellow HoN players! My name is Brent “Buro” Wiedmer, and I am the Product Manager of Heroes of Newerth. As most of you have probably noticed, this patch (3.1.2) contains no gameplay content. As part of S2 Games' new direction of transparency within the community, I would like to discuss with you all a little about what the design team here at S2 Games is working on and set some expectations for what you will see in the future development of HoN.
We as a design team, through the help of the community, have recognized a large issue in HoN. That issue is the homogenization of the hero pool. One of our design goals is to create a hero pool full of unique and greatly differentiated heroes. In order to make sure that all heroes fit their own unique niches and add new interesting dynamics to the game, we are working feverishly on hero reworks and touch-ups. This doesn't mean that we've forgotten new heroes however! We are still working on new heroes and collaborating with the community on them more than ever, but we will not be releasing them until we believe they are ready.
 While this new direction within S2 means that gameplay content will not be released on a regularly scheduled basis, we are working very hard to ensure that when we release new features, hero reworks, and new heroes, that the highest quality is achieved and that our design goals are met. We are constantly looking for feedback from you, our community; if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or hero ideas, please head to our forums and let us know so that we can continue to improve. You may look forward to S2 Games supporting Heroes of Newerth for years to come. Game HoN!

05/31/2013 5:49 AM

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