DreamHack Winter 2013 to feature $30,000USD Prize Pool

DreamHack. For HoN fans, there is simply no other word like it. The emotions and memories of unforgettable tournaments - the epic stories, the legendary players. DreamHack is a sacred place for HoN, and now, Newerth ventures to the Arena once more.

For the eighth time, teams from around the globe will travel to Sweden to compete for the title of DreamHack Champion. Some challengers are known - battle hardened veterans, legends in their own right - but for others, this may be where their story truly begins. Five teams are decided, but still five more must prove their worth.

Enter the Nordic Online Qualifiers and attempt to secure one of three qualifying spots to the DreamHack main event. With teams like Denial eSports and Reason Gaming in the mix the competition will be more fierce than ever. If you can make it through one of HoN's strongest regions then you might just have what it takes to compete at DreamHack.

The final two challengers will be decided by the trial that is the BYOC event. A test of not only a team's skill, but their fortitude and drive, the BYOC has long been a part of the mystique of DreamHack. It is an endurance competition where only the strong and determined prevail. Brave the gauntlet and show the world that for some parties, an invite is not required.

On November 28, the Elmia will bear witness to teams like stayGreen, Lions, and MiTH.s2y. There, they will fight. They will fight to prove themselves. To bring pride to their region. To defend their title. To Write their own story.

What will you fight for?

Register for the DHW 13 BYOC:

  • Registration runs from 10:00 CET to 15:00 CET on November 28. Matches begin at 16:30 CET on November 28.
  • The $30,000 HoN Tournament runs from November 28-30 and will feature ten of the best teams from across the globe.
  • It will be covered live, on-site, by BreakyCPK, Beef, and DreamHackTV. 

11/19/2013 12:21 AM

Topic: eSports