eSports Weekly 8/8/14

eSports Weekly 8/8/14

We're officially only a week away from the start of the HoN Tour regular season! With six Diamond teams already waiting in the top division, the two open spots the prize for our remaining competitors. The prize pool is growing at an impressive rate, and teams can't wait to take part in the best HoN Tour season yet! With so much competition going on in HoN, lets take a look at some of the highlights.

HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers

Two of the three weeks are completed for the HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers, and we're down to just six teams. In the upper bracket finals, Dawn will square off against Blue Dingleballs. Dawn, the CiC Amateur Division superstars, went through rivals Moes Tavern, and fierce competition like Instant Reflex, and Potato to get here. On the other side, Blue Dingleballs pulled an upset over former Carnage Pro squad, REXXARS, in their upper bracket semi-final. The battle between these two teams will yield a Diamond Division participant, so it is sure to be an exciting contest.

The lower bracket holds hopefuls Germany, Moes Tavern, Adrians Familj, and REXARS. Each of these teams still has a shot at Diamond, but it will be a rough road for all. Teams that were eliminated earlier, with Silver or Gold finishes, include superstars from Potato, Instant Reflex, community favorites FROG No HIPPO, The Solaire Club, and the delicious monkey, Team Cheesecake/DONKEKONG. Each of those squads will get the weekend off, instead looking to prepare for HoN Tour Season next week.

Variety Cup #17

Another week of Midwars, but this time, an unexpected result! By the third round of the Variety Cup, familiar names had thinned out quite a bit. The Tyrants were taken out by The Smurf Rapers, Throes of Throws were eliminated by fatal1ty, while returning teams like EXCLUSIVES and Big Bux Money Crew were still favorites for the crown. The Buxx squad managed to eliminate fatal1ty in the semi-finals after a hard-fought two game series, while EXCLUSIVES eliminated their blue-skinned adversaries. The Big Bux Money Crew has been the most dominant squad of Midwars memory, winning well over a dozen events, but in this case it was the EXCLUSIVES who looked the part. The new kids on the block were able to secure strong early advantages, and hold them throughout the match, taking home a 2-0 win in the Variety Cup. Congrats!

This Week's Events

The Xfire Midlane Masters continues, with the final four qualifiers taking place next week. Make sure to check out the 1v1 event and enter for your chance to win some Gold Coins, and an opportunity to create your own alt avatar. The HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers finish up this weekend, with matches on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to tune in to Honcast for coverage of the exciting finale, and to find out which two teams will populate the Diamond Division. Coverage starts at 12pm EDT | 1800 CEST on Saturday, with the LB Ro4.

We'll catch you next week for HoN Tour Season 3 and some more HoN eSports Weekly!


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