HoN eSports Weekly

We're officially over halfway finished with HoN Tour Season 3 cycles, and once more the throne has been passed. Though this time around, the face is a bit more familiar. Outside of HoN Tour there are more Weekly Cups than ever, with the new Grimm's Crossing entering the fields of battle!

HoN Tour Diamond Division

Teams entered Cycle 5 with new hope. BMG had just dethroned the kings, and previously mid-tier teams were competing with the top dogs. However, it didn't take long to see that there would be no repeat champs. BMG were knocked out in 5/6th place in the first weekend, leaving Nullstone Gaming to chase the crown. With a 2-0 victory over REXXARS and a 2-1 over willowkeeper, Nullstone managed to make it all the way to the Grand Finals, but Sync was having none of that. A 3-0 victory for Sync put them back in the top spot, but their 9-1 run, including 5-0 WB/Grand Finals performance, is what really emphasized how the boys were back. They'll hold the spot until HoN Tour kicks back up with Cycle 6 starting on... December 6th!

HoN Tour Lower Divisions

The boys from Reason Gaming made it a personal mission to show they weren't all washed up. After elimination from Diamond in Cycle 4, Rea went for the full WB route in Gold to take the division 2-0 over Prime Icarus. Both Reason and PI will join Diamond Division for Cycle 6 – congrats! Fan favorites FROGF No HIPPO made an appearance once more – this time in the Silver Division Finals. Though they looked good throughout, but their opponents, Hot Pho Factory, proved too dominant and took the Finals with a 2-0 sweep. The Bronze Division was a blast from the past as Frenetic Array -  a fan recreation at least – took a 2-0 victory over Me Are Rus. With a win here, they're on their way up, but only time will tell if they'll live up to the team's legendary name.

Weekly Cups

Midwars Cup #3 had some pretty solid attendance last week, even with some multi-gaming organizations showing up like Ninjas in Pyjamas and Hellraisers! Ultimately it was the familiar faces in the finals - Shrek is Love and Mid Wars Champs Big Bux Money Crew. Shrek is Love came out on top this week, as they walked away with a 2-1 victory, and the throne – at least until the next week! The Grimm's Cup #3 featured many of the same faces, but this time it was the legends, Grimm's United that were able to take down strong teams like Prime Icarus and Vortex eSports to claim a 2-0 victory and yet another Grimm's win. Congrats!

This Weeks Event's

With Sync securely on the HoN Tour throne, the event is on hiatus until early December, but there are plenty of other awesome competitions. Mid Wars Cup #4 runs on Thursday, while Grimm's Cup #4 runs Friday, featuring the new version of the map, and a $600 cash prize pool! Rounding out the over 30k Gold Coin week, is the 20,000 Gold Coin 5v5 Cup running Saturday and Sunday. Get your competition on and be sure to sign up for the events and show Newerth what you've got!

We'll catch you next time for another HoN eSports Weekly!

11/21/2014 5:59 PM

Topic: eSports