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10/30/2014 9:54 PM


HoN eSports Weekly 10/29

We've just finished up the most exciting weekend of HoN Tour action this season, so lets take a look back on this week in HoN eSports!

HoN Tour Diamond Division

The cycle started with upsets left and right as previously ranked top 3 teams like Reason Gaming and willowkeeper were knocked down to Gold and eliminated in 5/6th respectively. In their place teams Night Raid (formerly The Last of US) and Dawn made their way into the top four, but the biggest upset happened in the top two. After a major roster shakeup in Cycle 2, Bad Monkey Gaming is back with wins in the WB Finals and a 3-2 victory in the Grand Finals. As a result, Sync eSports fell short of a record breaking 4 Cycle wins in a row, and remains tied with World Champions stayGreen. With a week before the next Diamond Division, Sync will have to train hard to reclaim their throne.

HoN Tour Lower Divisions

The Gold Division is still ongoing and looks to finish up in the upcoming weekend. With that being said, former Diamond squads make up the top three teams with Carnage in Caldavar Cycle 1 standouts REXXARS sitting in the Grand Finals, while Shrek is Love and WOP DASH will fight for the last Diamond spot and a chance to win the division. Things finished up just fine in the Silver Division where Dishonored took a 2-0 victory over SuperHeroesPlayinHoN to win the division, and advance to Gold. And finally, in the Bronze Division Hot Pho Factory was too delicious for their opponents to handle as they squeezed out a 2-1 win to take the championship.

Weekly Cups

The final Variety Cup, #29, finished up with a trip to Midwars, and ended much like it began. The Big Bux Money Crew took a 2-1 victory over the combined XVII Exclusives, and with that Bux claimed their 17th win in a Weekly Cup. With the new Midwars Cup just around the corner, I'm sure the Big Bux Money Crew will be bringing home their next first place in the not too distant future.

This Week's Events
This week HoN Tour takes a break as teams ramp up for the next cycle, but don't worry, there is still plenty of action to be found! The first editions of the Midwars Cup and the Grimm's Cup kick off this week, while the 5v5 Cup will happen during the weekend. The Midwars Cup runs on Thursday, starting at 1pm EDT/1800 CET, while The Grimm's Cup runs on Friday for Halloween. Both Cups have registration open until just before the event starts, and will award Harvest Goody Bags to top placing teams, so don't miss out! And for those out there looking for practice in the 5v5 format, the 5v5 Cup begins on Saturday, so make sure to register!

Stay tuned for more updates on HoN eSports!

10/30/2014 3:25 PM

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Kane, The Usurper
Playable Oct. 21!

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