Updates to Ultimate Pandasoul

Hi guys, AceJR here. With the release of Ultimate Edition Pandasoul, we ran into some technical limitations with how items build onto Booboo. However, we took your feedback into consideration, re-evaluated our process, and found a way to remedy the problems we were experiencing with item builds on Booboo in order to produce the best possible product.

Here's the list of items and how they affect both Pandasoul and Booboo. Keep in mind that Pandasoul's Ultimate form will be affected by the other avatars that you collect from the Sang-La patch.

Hopefully this solution helps resolve some of the problems with the avatar, and that you're able to give it a try!


  • Boots (any) - Fur leggings
  • Shaman's Headdress - Headdress
  • Charged Hammer(Thunderclaw) - Bamboo skirt
  • Brutalizer - Fur arm-guards
  • Frostwolf Skull - Backpack
  • Dawnbringer - Larger weapon


  • Mock of Brilliance - Aura
  • Demonic Breastplate(Bulwark) - Butt Armor
  • Brutalizer - Helm
  • Charged Hammer (Thunderclaw) - Flags
  • Boots (any) - Leg Guards
  • Savage Mace -Spikes on Armor

06/29/2013 3:50 AM

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Hero Filters

Buro here. As many of you may have noticed, we added a new feature today: Hero Filters! Due to the large amount of heroes in HoN, the pick screen might seem daunting at times. Hero Filters allow you to break down the hero pick screen by filtering through different roles. It also shows you to what extent your team has filled these roles, allowing an easier way to create balanced teams.

As you check filters, the system will show heroes that fit within the requirements of those filters. The more filters that are selected, the more lenient the system will be for finding a hero within those filters. For instance, if "Jungle" is selected, Predator will not appear because only the strongest jungle heroes will be available. However if "Carry" is also selected, Predator will appear as an option because he can carry as well as jungle even though he cannot jungle as effectively as other heroes.

Two really neat features of this system are the Favorites Filter and Filtered Random. Favorites allows you to go into the herodex and set your "favorite" heroes. The Favorites Filter will then be available in the hero pick screen and you may sort through heroes with this filter as well as others. Filtered Random is just like it sounds: when you have any filters selected and you random a hero, you will random from the heroes within your current filters.

I'd like to give thanks to all of the community feedback that drove the creation of this feature! If you have any suggestions or feedback on the hero filters or HoN in general, please visit the suggestions forums and make a post about it.

06/28/2013 9:35 PM

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Ultimate Wildsoul - Pandasoul

Young Lin and her pet panda Zhen Zhen were banished from their village beyond the Sang-La Mountains after their true natures came forth to defend against a Hellbourne attack. Lin and her tiny bear transformed into ferocious panda warriors, embodiments of an ancient magic rooted in the bamboo forests where the exiled Lin and Zhen Zhen raised each other. Now they're called to defeat the daemons who ravaged their homeland, in the hope they can return it to its peaceful state.

06/26/2013 4:29 AM

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Rift Slither vs. Hunter Rally

The Rift Wars rage on with the battle between Rift Slither and Hunter Rally. 
Choose your side in the HoN Store today!

The Hunter Rampage and his weary, bloodied mount faced the victorious Rift Predator and the green hard-shelled creature, which had left the Guild’s tribal warrior and his blowgun shattered in the dust.

I scampered back to the shelter of the volcanic stone and gasped to Jaru, "We must do something. These Riftspawn are on the verge of winning."

The Corrupted Disciple hesitated. I do not believe it was out of fear; that concept seemed unavailable to him. I saw calculation in his burning red eyes, a weighing of the situation to see if there were any benefits to not intervening.

“If the Riftspawn win they will overtake Newerth,” I said. “Do you think they will falter when they come to your Scar and whatever septic blight lies within? They will spill into it like a sewer drain and show your kind what real darkness is.”

Jaru smiled. “Can you not see? The warriors who give themselves over to the Rift are clearly dominant. Those who resist its influence are found lacking.”

“The first Hunter remains standing. He—”

“He is being flanked as we speak. If you do not wish to hear his screams, cover your ears as you have your eyes. I gave myself over to the darkness once, and it has served me well. This Great Rift is simply the next tier.”

“That...that is madness.”

Jaru stepped away from the shelter. “Madness brought Maliken his great power. What might it do for me?”

The red orb rose from his palm and began to spin, faster and faster. Ahead of him the mounted Hunter’s head swiveled left and right as the two Riftspawn circled him, waiting to lunge. The Hunter Rampage glanced at Jaru and his spinning orb. He pointed his giant mace at the Corrupted Disciple, marking him as an enemy, and gripped the reins to charge when a green blob arced from the Great Rift and landed in front of him.

A tentacled, serpent-like head rose from the green mass and spat a viscous toxin at the Hunter’s face. He dodged the assault, barely, as the source of the blob dragged itself through the portal. It slithered into Newerth, shimmering with a sickly green hue, its long tongue testing the air. The hood around its multi-eyed face was flared, the razor-sharp tines growing from its arms slashing the air as it slid toward the Hunter, surrounding him completely.

A realization seemed to fall upon the Hunter, then resignation. He lowered his giant mace and patted the thick neck of the Riftbeast he’d tamed, a final display of gratitude. Jaru and the Riftspawn closed in. I rose from the shelter and pushed my cloak aside, a yellow aura building around my hands. I did not know if it would change the outcome, but I had to do something.

A roar filled the air, echoing from the black portal across the face of Krula. The Riftspawn halted, their eyes darting to the Great Rift. Jaru took a step backward toward me and nearly stumbled when a warrior clad in red and purple armor launched through the Rift, his battle cry growing to a deafening level. He landed next to his fellow Hunter and slammed his weapon, a pulsing red Riftbeast head with burning eyes and jagged fangs, against the ground.

The Riftspawn were knocked off their feet and scattered across the dust. Jaru careened through the air and crashed into the sheltering stone. He slumped to the ground and blinked at the new Hunter, this warrior who seemed to be rallying the Guild’s cause, and allowed his orb to dim and sink below his cloak.

I let the yellow aura around my hands fade as well. Jaru had not seen it, and still believed I was King Jeraziah’s Anointed Conciliator. Which I was, externally.  If I could keep my true identity secret, I would. But if these remaining members of the Hunter’s Guild failed to stop the Riftspawn, I would do whatever was necessary.

06/26/2013 2:24 AM

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Theorycrafting: Imagine a Mode...

Hello! My name is Robert “Kros” Cherry, and I’m the Technical Producer for Heroes of Newerth. I’ve been playing HoN for a long time now, and one of the things I do with any game that I play for any serious length of time is theorycraft. I’d like to share some of that theorycrafting with you guys today.

Imagine a mode that starts off with each player picking three heroes. You decide to pick your favorite heroes: Solstice first, then Predator, and of course Monarch.

You enter the game, and it’s not quite the HoN you’d expect; your abilities have been randomly generated from the 30 heroes chosen by all of the players!

So, with your crazy abilities in tow, you head off to your lane. There you are, carefully last-hitting, when suddenly Martyr throws an Amun-Ra stun at you. Good thing your Bubbles lane partner has Accursed’s Shield! Unfortunately, Legionnaire pops out of the jungle as Minotaur (that he’s stricken with Parasite’s Infest) and catches you before you can get back. Luckily, you respawn very quickly, and haven’t lost any gold. You also notice you have a whole new set of abilities!

This mode is chaotic, this mode is action packed, and it’s incredibly fun. I know this because we’ve been play testing it internally for a while now.

I’d love to hear what you guys might think about a mode like this, so please leave some comments on the forums here:


06/22/2013 2:33 AM

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