Gold Edition Primal Dracon

More ancient than even Draconis, Primal Dracon has been dormant until now, when the Worldtree is truly threatened. Newerth and its heroes have evolved during the centuries of Primal Dracon's slumber, but this fierce guardian remains primordial, his five heads sharing one thought: kill or be killed.

Gold Edition Primal Dracon is released Friday, June 21. 

06/19/2013 10:33 PM

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Hunter Bushwack vs. Rift Bubbles

The war rages on in the Rift Wars with the battle between Hunter Bushwack and Rift Bubbles. Choose your side in the HoN Store today!

The jagged red bone shards of the Riftspawn hammered against the Hunter’s blades and armor again and again, driving him back until he stumbled over a mound of black stones and fell.

I gathered a fistful of Jaru’s cloak. “You’ll not help him? He fights for Newerth!”

“He has already lost,” Jaru said.

The predatory Riftspawn loomed above the Hunter, heavy arms drawn back for a final attack. The Hunter lifted his blades to defend, but they sagged from exhaustion and pain.

I rose and sprinted toward them. The Rift creature’s antennae twitched and his head turned. His red eyes pinned me in place, frozen. The ground to either side was barren—I was completely exposed and vulnerable. The Riftspawn kept its gaze upon me and cleaved the bone blades down. As the razor points pierced the Hunter’s armor and he began to scream, a bolt as thick as my wrist flew from the growing Rift and struck the creature upon its armored hide, knocking it aside and off the Hunter.

A new warrior followed the bolt through the portal. As he moved forward he reloaded the crossbow mounted on his forearm, and when he cleared the black veil spewing from the stalagnights I saw the crossbow was fashioned from some Rift monster, its segmented carapace and appendages acting as armor and weapon.

The Hunter carried himself much like one of the fearsome tribal warriors from the northeast reaches of the Rulian Marsh, and he was adorned in the scales, horns and hides of harvested Riftspawn. A twisted warthog-like skull covered his head, and through its empty eye sockets he peered at the recovering Rift predator and lifted a long blowgun to the vents in his helm.

Before he could expel his breath a large greenish stone tumbled through the Rift. It came to an abrupt halt on the volcanic rock of Krula and from it a whirling disc flew toward the new Hunter.

“Behind you!” I called.

The Hunter turned and dropped, bracing for impact, but the disc burst apart in a flash of light and became a giant, hunched Riftspawn with thick green arms and legs tipped with cruel claws. The shell on its back squirmed with green tentacles, some of which had woven together to form two cannon-like growths. A single antennae with a glowing yellow orb drooped before its face, which held a greedy leer as the Riftspawn reached for the stunned tribal Hunter.

06/19/2013 4:28 AM

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Dreamhack Summer 2013

Dreamhack Summer Comes to a Close

Hi all. Thank you so much for making this the best Honcast event ever! We had a great time interacting with the community and producing the best possible product that we could. Hope you enjoyed the games and will continue to support Honcast as we look forward to more awesome events in the future!

Much love,


06/15/2013 3:56 PM

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Patch Preview

Hey everyone, Buro here. In our most recent development blog, we gave you an update on what was in the works for HoN, and now I would like to give you an idea on what you will be seeing in the near future.

The next patch will bring Hero Filters, which will allow an easier way to sort through heroes on the pick screen and create more balanced team compositions. This change will also add some new picking functionality such as being able to random between filtered heroes and creating your own favorites filter!

After that, around mid-to-late July you will be getting a patch with some improvements to Mid Wars (one of which being a different banning structure!). On top of this, we will be releasing some balance changes and hero tweaks that are aligned with our direction of removing homogenization from the hero pool.

We've been having a lot of fun testing these changes, and I look forward to reading your feedback in the forums!

06/14/2013 10:06 PM

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Dreamhack Summer Preview

Hey community, this is breakycpk and I will be the lead caster on Honcast for the upcoming DreamHack Summer 2013 Event.

Tune into beginning June 15 at 10 a.m. CEST / 4 a.m. EDT for the start of three days of hardcore competitive HoN matches, behind-the-scenes insight, trivia, and activities for viewers at home. You can find the entire streaming schedule at

This will be the seventh time Heroes of Newerth has had an event at DreamHack and it has just gotten better every single time. This DreamHack Summer 2013 event there are plenty of storylines to follow from who is going to win their portion of the $30,000 prize pool, to will Stay Green International finally drop a game with their impressive win streak on the line, and much more.

We have teams representing all over the world including China, CIS, Southeast Asia, Thailand, North America, and of course Europe, but that is just one of many reasons to tune-in to this event. For the first time ever from DreamHack, every match will be casted by either Honcast or coLcast. Every team will also get the opportunity to play every other team at least once with the group stage format. The insane amount of matches we will get to see all three days during this event will be both very diverse as well as provide plenty of suspenseful and entertaining moments.

As if getting to watch all of these great matches wasn’t enough, there will also be plenty of interaction with the viewers, both in person at DreamHack as well as on the live stream in chat; look for giveaways, trivia, and what we expect to be some very fun segments!

DreamHack 2013 will truly be an experience to remember whether you are there in Jonkoping, Sweden or watching on the live stream from home, and we are very excited and looking forward on having a lot of fun. Be sure to join us!

06/14/2013 9:39 PM

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