Patch 3.2.3: The Staff (of the Master) is back!

Patch 3.2.3 is here and brings some new Staff of the Master effects as well as item and hero balance changes!

For this patch, we took a look at some of the late game and underused items in HoN. With the recent shift toward faster paced gameplay, these items needed to be re-adjusted to become more viable. We also added some new Ultimates to the list of abilities boosted by Staff of the Master. We will be continuing to look at these types of changes for future patches.

You will also notice a few significant hero changes that are in line with our direction previously stated in the blog post for the last patch: to tone down burst damage in the game in order to increase the skill, interaction, and viability of other strategies within HoN without reducing the fast paced, action-packed gameplay that we enjoy so much.

See the patch notes for details on all of the changes, as well as be on the lookout for Circe the Deceiver in our next patch on 9/25/2013!

09/11/2013 10:34 AM

Topic: Development

Community Question: MMR Change

The MMR system has been a long-standing hot topic; how would you feel if it were changed?
In our effort to continually improve Heroes of Newerth, we would like to know how you would react to such a change.

1) Resetting all MMR to 1500
2) No longer showing MMR in the lobby
3) Creating a new account progression system and account scoring

The main purpose of this would not be to create a more accurate MMR system, but to use MMR as it should be, a measure to create accurate matches, not as a score or a way to "progress" your account. We should create other systems for that purpose.

Please visit our forums to read the full post, vote, and let us know how it would impact your HoN experience!

09/06/2013 10:20 PM

Topic: Community