Circe the Deceiver: Creating the Lore and Art for a Hero of Deception

Hey guys, I'm Loremeister, the Director of Content for S2 Games.

Circe the Deceiver is about to enter Newerth and we wanted to give you some insight as to how the character was designed from the art and lore standpoint.  When the designers came to us with their upcoming hero concepts we saw some great potential for the Deceiver to be an impactful force in the Heroes of Newerth universe.  Her abilities, centered around deception and illusion, felt like a natural fit for the enemies of Newerth, so we knew she needed to be a Hellbourne hero.  With that in mind, we started pitching ideas around the table for who exactly this hero was going to be. 

This is one of the best parts of working in the Content team for S2: the visual design of the character.  In order to do this we look at the factors we want to ensure are unique; things like silhouette, abilities, animation design, etc.  Our primary goals here were to create a hero with a unique theme, spell effects, and a profile that was well maintained within each avatar while creating a specific feel that matched the abilities for every version of the hero.  And with Circe. we feel like we accomplished all of these things.

As usual we had a ton of ideas; some good, some that we immediately trashed, and a few absolutely amazing ones.  We knew we wanted to make her look like nothing else in the game and after considering a few monstrous forms -- like a faceless monster reminiscent of the Gentlemen from Buffy or a classic gray doppelganger beast -- we decided the hero needed to be a "she" and enter the world as a feminine force of evil.  Looking at themes for her we thought about an amorphous shapeshifter, a master of mirrors, and a few others, but eventually settled on an ancient goddess who transformed men into pigs and baffled the heroes of Old Earth: Circe.

Like the Circe of myth, our mistress of magic was banished from the realm of men.  She has lived centuries, slowly draining the life of those who end up shipwrecked on her island home, but without any true method of escape.  When the world shook during the Fall of Man and the tides of the earth shifted, the Deceiver was finally free.  She spent hundreds of years preying upon humans from behind her myriad veils, and now that the elder gods who imprisoned her are returning to Newerth, Circe's hunger for vengeance has made her reveal her true form.

While Sol himself may not take to the battlefield, this powerful, ancient hero will mimic his chosen servants, sow discord in the ranks, and ultimately trick them all into bending to her will or surrendering their lives to Circe the Deceiver.

09/24/2013 10:26 PM

Topic: Content, Lore