DreamHack Winter 2013 Grand Finals: Denial vs StayGreen

Plenty of battles are fought, lots of blood has been spilled over the fields of Newerth, now the final clash between the two best teams in the world is finally upon us. One more time the Horn of War will sound and strike fear into the hearts of everyone involved - once more the toughest and best players will clash for the ultimate prize - a DreamHack Championship.

The favorites against the shooting stars, the reigning champions against the hottest team in Newerth right now. The storylines for this are endless with fearless and seasoned veterans like Mynuts, swindlemelonzz and Chessie leading the charge into a young, hungry and fierce rows anchored by Zlapped, Flensmeister and m`ICKe. On the way to the finals they have weathered every storm, overcame every adversary and rightfully share the center stage for the last encounter. Both teams emerged out of Group A, both teams had fierce battles to get to the finals and now they are finally there - battle bruised and scared, but ready to put on a show. 

The teams are certainly stepping into known territory with both teams clashing previously in HoN Tour and even on the holy grounds of the Elmia - nothing in comparison to the Grand Finals though. The lights will be bigger, all eyes are aimed at every single mouse click and the pressure is on. 

Who will reign supreme and not only walk away with the cash, the ring, but also get the coveted Doombringer and a spot in the immortal history of Newerth's most successful team.It is time to shine! Is the experience of the Triple Crown Champion of stayGreen going to prevail or can the youngsters of Denial eSports pull of the upset? 

Don't miss any action when the teams enter the spot, in which players turn into stars and legacies are made - the DreamArena. The rumble starts 4 PM CET live on the official www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhon event stream of DreamHack TV. Tune in and be a part of history.

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Behind the Gorilla: The Development and Design of Klanx

Hello there, my name is WZA and I want to talk to you about our latest addition to Heroes of
Newerth, Klanx.

After the release of Circe the Deceiver, which is a relatively difficult hero to master, I decided
to look at creating a simpler hero; something that would have a lot of pop and feel, but not
have overly complicated abilities or play style. After much deliberation, we decided on a Ranged
Agility Carry that would focus heavily on good positioning.

So the earlier iterations of Klanx involved a turret that would gain copies of whatever item
Klanx had. This proved to be just as frustrating to play against as old Engi. For those of you who
were around then, you know it was a dark time indeed. We tried adding all sorts of rules and
stipulations to the turret to make it more balanced, but in the end it just became frustrating and
overly complicated, which goes against my original design for the hero. So the turret "GOT THE

Now after some time and deliberation, we fleshed out some really poppy, fun abilities in
B.A.N.G, Lackey, and Goon Squad. They gave the hero interesting choices and they facilitated
the position-based play style we were going for. We just needed something to tie it all together.

First stop invisibility! Why invis? Well what better way to gain good positioning than being
invisible? This didn't work out as expected. First thing players decided to do was to use the
invisibility to get right on top of the enemy and unleash their full fury. This removed all the
positioning interaction with the Goon Squad and the Lackey abilities, so in the end it had to go.

We then tried an idea that was presented to us by SBT (Super Beta Testers), which involved
giving Klanx a fly mechanic. This mechanic would be new to HoN and at the same time give him
a very solid position-based theme. Klanx would always need to think about where he was and
how he needed to get there.

All of a sudden the hero's fun factor went through the roof, but players were complaining that
he was fun to play but not so fun to play against. So after talking with everyone who had played
with and against Klanx about what made him so awful, it was universally this new fly mechanic.
The major complaints were that there wasn't much you could do against it and that Klanx could
almost always get away from a gank; its defensive capabilities caused the huge frustration. We
then decided to add some much-needed mechanics to help this: a fuel system where the player
loses duration on his flight when he is attacked, and a disable of the ability when taking damage
from a hero.

After all the many iterations of Klanx, this final version is a lot of fun and quite possibly the
most fun I have had on any hero I have ever played. I really hope you enjoyed this look into the
development of Klanx the Gadget Master. Look for this awesome addition to HoN on November

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HoN New Hero Spotlight: Klanx, The Master of Gadgets

11/20/2013 1:41 AM

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DreamHack Winter 2013 to feature $30,000USD Prize Pool

DreamHack. For HoN fans, there is simply no other word like it. The emotions and memories of unforgettable tournaments - the epic stories, the legendary players. DreamHack is a sacred place for HoN, and now, Newerth ventures to the Arena once more.

For the eighth time, teams from around the globe will travel to Sweden to compete for the title of DreamHack Champion. Some challengers are known - battle hardened veterans, legends in their own right - but for others, this may be where their story truly begins. Five teams are decided, but still five more must prove their worth.

Enter the Nordic Online Qualifiers and attempt to secure one of three qualifying spots to the DreamHack main event. With teams like Denial eSports and Reason Gaming in the mix the competition will be more fierce than ever. If you can make it through one of HoN's strongest regions then you might just have what it takes to compete at DreamHack.

The final two challengers will be decided by the trial that is the BYOC event. A test of not only a team's skill, but their fortitude and drive, the BYOC has long been a part of the mystique of DreamHack. It is an endurance competition where only the strong and determined prevail. Brave the gauntlet and show the world that for some parties, an invite is not required.

On November 28, the Elmia will bear witness to teams like stayGreen, Lions, and MiTH.s2y. There, they will fight. They will fight to prove themselves. To bring pride to their region. To defend their title. To Write their own story.

What will you fight for?

Register for the DHW 13 BYOC:

  • Registration runs from 10:00 CET to 15:00 CET on November 28. Matches begin at 16:30 CET on November 28.
  • The $30,000 HoN Tournament runs from November 28-30 and will feature ten of the best teams from across the globe.
  • It will be covered live, on-site, by BreakyCPK, Beef, and DreamHackTV. 

11/19/2013 12:21 AM

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S2 Games Matching Donations to the Philippines

S2 Games is reaching out to the community to help provide much-needed clean drinking water to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. S2 Games is matching your donations dollar-for-dollar. Visit http://www.donationto.com/s2philippines to donate now.

One hundred percent of donations will go toward the purchase and distribution of AquaPails, small filtration systems that can filter 5000 gallons into clean, consumable drinking water.

To thank you for your donations, we're offering tiered prizes for both Heroes of Newerth and Strife. As we reach our goals, new prizing may be added, so be sure to check back to the giving page for updates!

Goals and Prizing
For every donation of $10 that you make, you get the chance to take part in a lucky drawing as we reach each of our giving goals.

  • When we raise $1000 – 5 lucky givers will receive the Limited Edition Avatar of their choice. We will also unlock 10 Strife Closed Beta keys to randomly give away to the community on Strife's Facebook
  • When we raise $5000 – 10 lucky givers will receive the Gold Avatar of their choice. We will also unlock 20 Strife Closed Beta keys to randomly give away to the community on Strife's Facebook. 
  • When we raise $10,000 – 20 lucky givers will receive any Avatar of their choosing from the HoN Store. We will also unlock 40 Strife Closed Beta keys to randomly give away to the community on Strife's Facebook.

*Remember, each Beta code redeemed when Closed Beta goes live will unlock 4 more for your friends!

Thank you so much for your help in assisting the people of the Philippines during this difficult time. 

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