Creative Continuum #14: Minion Madness

Have you entered the latest Creative Continuum: Minion Madness?  If not check out the description below and enter to compete with some of the already awesome submissions from the community!  

Behind every dastardly devil, evil-doer and conniving villain, there are those that do his dirty work. His loyal and trusted servants. His tried and true friends. His minions!

Only the baddest of the bad have minions surrounding them, doing their dirty work and keeping the gears of their very own Doomsday Machine running. Here in the Newerth Community, we're going mad for minions in celebration of our new hero Klanx, who is delighted to have his very own minions attend to his every whim on the battlefield.

In this creative continuum, we want to see you create your own minions. What kind of minions would you want to have? The fluffy, cute type that distract your enemies into a false sense of security right before you attack. Or the intimidating bruisers that strike fear into the very core of your enemies.

Tap into your creative talent and create your ideal minions!

The rules are really simple, create your own minions. Design, draw, sculpt, etc. You may use any artistic outlet you want to create your loyal servants.

The submissions will be judged on quality, creativity, and originality.

The guidelines to follow are:

It must be appropriate
It must be your own work

We will review all entries and choose the top five submissions as winners.

Submit your work to the submission thread found on the forums

Important dates and deadlines:

Contest starts: Wednesday November 20, 2013
Submit your creation by: Wednesday December 11, 2013
Top 5 winners will be announced: Wednesday December 18, 2013

The top 5 entries will receive their choice between: Debut edition avatar - Sky Pirate Klanx OR Ultimate avatar - Doomsday Klanx

In addition to the top entries receiving prizes, for every 10 entries, 1 random person will receive 100 GC and 1 random person will receive 100 SC.

 Some awesome entries that have already been submitted:

By _Ronin_
By Token
By MrCurrent

12/04/2013 2:52 AM

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