HoN 3.3: A Fortified Arsenal is coming out on December 18th. Curious about what will be changing? Read here to get a sneak peek!

Hello everyone, Buro here.  I’d like to give a sneak peak at the Kinesis change in this upcoming patch.  Kinesis being a hero I worked heavily on and a hero I enjoy playing, this change has gotten me very excited for this patch!

Telekinetic Control:
-Charge refresh lowered from 4,3.5,3,2.5 to 4.0, 3.3,2.6,2.0
-Increased the radius in which he can pick up trees from 600 to 800.
-Cast action time on throw lowered from 200 to 0
-Can now lift and throw while moving and attacking

Inherent Defense:
-Now grants +0.25 Movement Speed per shield value. Always a base of 10 Movement Speed
-Shield per damage generation rescaled from 12.5,25,37.5,50% to 20,30,40,50% of damage attempted.

Mass Control
-For the duration of the first activation, all lifted objects will follow Kinesis at 522 speed.

Kinesis has always been a very mobile hero that specializes in burst damage with some utility as well.  He wants to maintain pressure on the enemy team in a fight by continually doing damage and building up his passive.  This change really emphasizes his play-style.  By reducing the refresh rate on the charges of his Telekinetic Control and allowing him a larger range from which to grab objects, he is able to keep up his damage and pressure more easily in a fight.  The added movement speed on Inherent Defense, the change to Mass Control, as well as Kinesis now being able to maintain his movement while lifting and throwing objects makes the hero easier to play and feel a lot more fluid in use.  I hope that all of you new and old Kinesis players enjoy this change as much as I do!

12/10/2013 3:35 AM

Topic: Development