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HoN eSports Weekly 6/24

HoN eSports Weekly 6/24

With the first cycle of Carnage in Caldavar all wrapped up, teams are taking the opportunity for a fresh start and looking toward the future. This weekend had the first matches in the new series of Amateur Opens and some exciting matches in Pro League, so lets take a look at how things shaped up.

Carnage Pro League – Week 1

After a dominating performance in the first regular season and Playoffs, BMG returned to Pro League with a dominant performance over the newly promoted Amateur squad, Shrek is Love. The Ogres weren't the only squad to come out of the first week without a win, as tUS managed to take down both new squads. Reason grabbed a win off willowkeeper as well, but narrowly lost to Sync eSports in Saturday's highlight match. Overall Sync and tUS are out in front with five points each, but with each having to face BMG this week the standings are anything but stable.

Carnage in Caldavar – Amateur Open #1

With the promotion of top teams willowkeeper and Shrek is Love, the Amateur scene is looking for a new top dog; favorites from last season, Moes Tavern, look to fill that spot. This weekend the bar buddies took the first Amateur Open by storm. While they faced impressive competition in the likes of resurfacing teams like Twisted Fusion and Dont die we win – formerly dawn – their experience and consistency was too much to handle. Teams The Tyrants and The Solaire Club made it a challenge in the end, but Moes Tavern is clearly improving with their consistent participation in each weekly event. The guys from Moes take an early lead in the Amateur standings, but next week they will surely have challengers in droves.

NA and Variety Cups - Week 11

It was a Midwars week for the NA and Variety Cups – paging Big Bux Money Crew! Wait, whats that? BUX lost?! That's right, after an impressive streak of six double wins in NA and Variety Cups the Bux Crew was defeated on in the NA Cup's second round on Thursday. The hay maker was delivered by Silent Division, a team that has been playing in Weekly Cups for over two months, but had yet to make any real noise. Unfortunately they were once more eliminated in the third round, this time by thinkQUICK v2,  but they had made their statement in a Bo1. thinkQUICK v2 went on to defeat Midwarriors Unity in the finals, taking home the gold in the NA Cup.

In the Variety Cup the Buxxies looked to defend their honor, and they breezed through the early rounds. Notably, they took down The Tyrants, while the Midwarriors Unity were taken down by a rather unknown team going by the name of EXCLUSIVES. The new kids on the block were able to taken it all the way to the finals, but here the Big Bux Money Crew showed they've still got it. With a 2-0 victory BUX put their train back on the tracks with yet another Weekly Cup win.

This Week's Events

Registration for this week's tournaments are now open. The Variety Cup heads back to Grimm's Crossing this week, so get your 3v3 on starting Thursday. It's still early in the cycle, so be sure to register for this weekend's Amateur Open #2 and start racking up those important points. Registration for both events is open until just two hours prior to the first round. For those that prefer to watch some high level action, Pro League Week two begins on Tuesday! With exciting matches during the week, and showdowns like BMG vs Rea and BMG vs Sync this weekend, there's something for everyone. Be sure to tune in to Honcast for all the Carnage.

See you next week for another HoN eSports Weekly!


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HoN eSports Weekly 6/17

HoN eSports Weekly 6/17

The last two weeks have been a proving ground for both Amateur and and Pro teams. As the first cycle of Carnage in Caldavar draws to a close we can look back on the proud victors, the great matches, and some new faces.

Carnage Pro Playoffs

After four weeks of regular season play, four squads had emerged as our Playoffs contenders. In the first Playoffs matches Bad Monkey Gaming took on Reason, and Sync eSports took on the rising stars, REXXARS. Ultimately the more experienced and favored squads – Sync and BMG - took the semifinal matches, though the games were closer than the 2-0 scoreline might reflect. With those wins Newerth's top dogs were once more set to square off for high honors. In a straight best-of-five anything could happen, but on this day the Monkey's reigned supreme. The squads went blow for blow, but BMG was able to capitalize a bit harder, and brought home the series 3-1. With that they took first place, and the Lion's share of the $8000 Playoff prizepool, as well as the undisputed title of best team in HoN.

Carnage Amateur Invitational

With four weeks of Amateur Opens behind us it was time for the best up-and-coming teams to duke it out for cash, pride, and a shot at the big leagues. The heavy favorites were Willowkeeper, winners of the first three Opens, but teams like Shrek is Love, Moe's Tavern, and other wildcards were aiming for an upset. The top three teams were able to make it to the semifinals of the eight team event, and while willowkeeper had the higher seed and easier road to the finals, Moe and Shrek had to fight for advancement. Shrek is Love pulled what could be considered an upset, besting Moe's Tavern 2-1, and securing a spot in the Finals. In that match willowkeeper proved once more that they were the team to fear, as they took down Shrek in a 3-2 series that showed the best of both teams. Each of the Finalists walks away with a piece of the $500 Amateur prizepool, and now look forward to competing with the big dogs in Pro League starting this week.

NA And Variety Cups – Weeks 9 & 10

There seems to be a recurring theme in this part of the recap: Midwars dominated by one squad, Grimm's Crossing dominated by another. This was no different in the last two incarnations of the Weekly's Cups. Week 9 showed off Midwars once more, and the Big Bux Money Crew had showed such domination that they even fielded a second team – Med Bux Money Crew. Unfortunately the second squad wasn't able to live up to their namesake, as they were taken out rather early on. Eventually it was WarcraftGamerz and Original Gangstas each fighting against the 10-time champs, Big Bux Money Crew. The Champs proved their worth and brought home the Variety Cup and NA Cup once more, showing there is really no contest for the Midwars crown.

For Weekly Cups 10 the Grimms United crew had homefield advantage in these Banning Draft tournaments. In the NA Cup it came down to the Champs, Grimms United, against Burrito Gaming in a 'delicious showdown'. Ultimately Grimm's proved worthy of their namesake, and took the victory. The followed that performance with an impressive run in the Variety Cup, taking down The Tyrants, and community-star FJ's team, Patience. With yet another double-win the Grimms United crew truly are the masters of this 3v3 battlefield.

This Week's Events

Registration for this week's tournaments are now open! The Weekly Cups head once more to Midwars in a Banning Draft format, so get ready to challenge the Kings – Big Bux Money Crew. The event's start on Thursday, so get practicing if you wanna take down the big dogs. The second cycle of Carnage in Caldavar is starting as well, so be sure to sign up for the first Amateur Open, and challenge for the newly vacant spot of best Amateur team. The event starts on Saturday, and sign-ups are open until just two hours before the matches begin. If you're in for a viewing experience, Pro League starts again this week! On Thursday BMG takes on the new kids, Shrek is Love, and with six matches this weekend the standings will start to shape up quick! Be sure to tune in for some familiar faces, new challengers, and as always, action packed HoN!

See you next time for another HoN eSports Weekly!


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