Patch Notes for the HoN 3.3.2

Welcome to Heroes of Newerth

Version 3.3.2

== New Content ==

- Added new Chronos Alt Avatar: Patience (Release 1/31)
* The Blind Prophet continues his mission to rid Newerth of the Seven Deadly Sins, and when one is facing such an insidious enemy, one needs Patience. Patience is the embodiment of mercy and sufferance-he will gladly endure the scars of war upon his body and soul to give Man and Beast a chance at peace-but he realizes blood must be shed to achieve this end. He serves as the counter to the Sin Wrath, who kills out of anger and madness, while Patience destroys the physical vessels of daemons to free their damned souls, releasing them toward redemption.

- Added new Torturer Alt Avatar: Kindness (Release 2/7)
* Reveling in the joy that happiness brings, the redeemed virtue Kindness trades the intense invocations of pain for the sweet blessings of affection. A merciful young angel, Kindness sounds very caring, but can become passionate to the point of overlooking what people really want, sounding malicious despite her benevolence and forcing them to love each other when they have no desire to do so.

- Added new Flux Alt Avatar: Jupiter (Release 2/5)
* The citizens of Newerth who worship the ancient god Jupiter feel their confidence build when they talk of how the mythological soldiers known as Romans defeated the Greeks, proving their gods were stronger. Their prayers and sacrifices have been answered, for now Jupiter has descended in full battle regalia to show once again what a true god of sky and thunder can do.

- Added new Tempest Alt Avatar: Poseidon (Release 2/3)
* Dwelling in the deepest, darkest parts of Newerth's oceans, where even the fiercest of land warriors and demons fear to venture, the god of the sea, Poseidon, rises from the depths. When his brothers Hades and Zeus returned to take back the earth after the Fall of Man, Poseidon knew they would conspire to steal his watery domain as well, reigning over the largest section of Newerth while he sat dethroned and on the run.

- Added new Artillery Alt Avatar: Apollo (Release 1/29)
* So who's this Sol chump claiming to be the god of light and fire? Apollo has been bringing the heat for thousands of years, as well as truth, prophecy, healing, plague, poetry, and beautiful music played on a lyre made by Hermes himself. Anyone who picks Sol over such a superstar must be Blind.

- Added new Accursed Alt Avatar: Accursed (POGS)
* The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

- Added new Taunt: Fortune Cookie Taunt (Release 2/10)
* A wise man once said "he who learns must suffer", and sometimes you want your enemies to learn as much as they can from you. Give them their just desserts with the Fortune Cookie Taunt, whose profundity will offer something to think about while they wait to respawn.

== General ==

- Readjusted gold values for creeps getting the last hits on towers to be in line with players getting the hit
* Consolation gold bounty readjusted from 315,350,385,420 to 265,325,440,500

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Fear is now transferrable via  Voodoo Puppet and  Parasite's Facehug. Applies to:
*  Dampeer's Terrorize
*  Maliken's Possession
*  Sand Wraith's Mirage, with Staff of the Master
*  Solstice's Lunar Judgment
- The following states are now StatusStealth instead of StatusBuff:
-  Grinex's Rift Stalk
-  Keeper of the Forest's Nature's Veil (Camouflage state)
-  Nomad's Sandstorm
-  Invisibility Rune's fade & stealth state
- Ioyn Stone Invisibility application's (Ioyn Stealth's) fade & stealth state
- No longer displays her dot on the minimap when she is invisible while in her mimic state
* I.E. After she used ultimate on someone and during the time she is a copy of the enemy hero
 Demented Shaman
- Healing Wave's allied bounce effect type changed from Magic to Physical
- Clensing Shock now properly kills enemy illusions if he has  Staff of the Master in his inventory
- Fixed Goon Squad minions so that they follow Klanx properly if they get orderdisjointed (e.g. by  Geometer's Bane usage)
- Gemini's hidden hero now properly attaches to his Fire pet at all times while in split form
- Unholy Shackles now shows both range & radius when using simple tooltips
- Fixed Lava Surge so you can't travel long distances if teleported on the same frame when Lava Surge finishes casting
- Lion's Pride now applies the Reagent state to enemy units properly if the projectile passes through them (rather than only applying the reagent state in the circular AoE when the projectile lands).
- Parasite's visual model should display correctly after coming out of an Infested creep
- Tyrant Rally's Compel now plays the proper effects and sounds
- Stampede no longer stuns & pushes through Void Talisman
- Fixed an extremely rare bug where Salomon can use Wish for Revenge to restart an existing Wish for Revenge immediately after he dies in this form
 Sand Wraith
- Desert's Curse now correctly slows enemies for 1 second after leaving the sand trail if the spell was targeted directly on an enemy unit
 The Gladiator
- Casting Showdown's subskill ("I Have No Patience") no longer interrupts your movement
- Casting Showdown's subskill ("I Have No Patience") will not unbind & disjoint invulnerable units nor Magic-immune units
- Lightning Storm now displays the  Staff of the Master boosted damage values properly in the tooltip
 Voodoo Jester
- Fixed Mojo so that it applies the Spell Sunder damage state properly
- Acid Cocktail will no longer trigger the cooldown on Null Stone if Null Stone becomes ready after the Acid Cocktail projectile was already in midair
 Charged Hammer
- Fixed  Charged Hammer's Forked Lightning so it gets the damage amplified properly on the main target with  Grimoire of Power

01/29/2014 2:53 AM


New Content site launches on 1/15/2014

Hey everybody,

Woodshed here, Content Manager and Lead Writer for HoN. The Content team, which consists of Content Managers, Technical Artists, Concept Artists, and Illustrators, takes great pride in designing and creating what you see and hear in the world of HoN. Our goal is to provide a wide range of content that belongs in Newerth and appeals to the majority of players, along with dashes of outlier designs to satisfy niche interests.

While everyone knows where to get this content once it is in-game (Merrick says hello), there is a lot of work in the creation process that may be of interest to you, as well as many pieces of art and lore that accompany some of the avatars and can get lost in the rapid release schedule.

Our solution is, a new website maintained by the Content team. This site will be the home of all things content, such as:
  • Concept art
  • Final art for your use (social media, wallpapers, etc.)
  • Official Newerth lore
  • Videos
  • Newerth timeline
  • Heropedia (including avatars)
  • Ultimate Avatar builds
  • Fan art
The goal of the site is to share as much official Heroes of Newerth content as we can in a conversation-friendly format. We welcome your constructive feedback on the content we create and encourage you to take and share anything you like for non-commercial use.

The site is blog-based and you can subscribe to the latest posts via email. New posts will also show up on the HoN Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you get your HoN news there, you’re all set.

The site is a work in progress and will evolve as we go forward, and we are very excited to share more of Newerth with you. See you at!

All the best,

01/15/2014 5:29 AM


Creative Continuum #15: The Community Patch -> Competition Ends on Jan.15th.

 Contest Rules

In this version of the Creative Continuum we are asking the community to create their ideal version of patch notes for HoN.  This includes avatars, balance changes, new items, hero tweaks, and everything else that goes into a HoN patch.  You get to decide everything!

Head to the General Discussion section of the forums for more information and to enter the contest.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Contest starts: Wednesday 25th of December 2013;
Submission period ends on: Wednesday 15th of January 2014;
Winners announced: Wednesday 22nd of January 2014;

The Alternate Avatars Winners will each get rewarded with 300 GC and a free copy of their suggested avatar if it gets implemented;
The Winners for the New Features section will each get rewarded with 300 GC and a free copy of their suggestion if it gets implemented;
The randomly Drawn winners for the Balance Changes will each get rewarded with 300 GC and a Master of Balance custom icon (CAI) added to their accounts;
AceJR will pick 5 artwork submissions which he likes the most and award their creators with 300 GC.

01/09/2014 4:08 AM