Message from AceJR concerning payment options! Please Read.

We are revamping our payment options and not allowing purchases in-game at this time. To purchase coins please visit the website.

To make a payment follow these easy steps:
  • Visit the Heroes of Newerth Store (
  • Select your gold package
  • Click "Purchase Coins".
  • If you have a PayPal account:
    • Enter your PayPal Email/Login
    • Click "Purchase Coins"
    • This will take you to the PayPal order summary page with your Paypal information already filled in
    • Check to make sure order is correct
    • Fill in password and complete transaction as prompted
  • If you do not have a PayPal account:
    • Click "Purchase Coins"
    • This will take you to the PayPal order summary page
    • Check to make sure order is correct
    • Click on the option in the right hand side that reads "Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later"
    • This will pop up a form for you to fill out using a debit or credit card
    • Once you have completed the form, click "Pay" to complete the transaction.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation.

Your Community Manager,


EDIT: Recent developments in the revamp have required us to take off all of our payment methods except for Paypal. We aim to get these back up within the week.

03/01/2014 6:05 AM


Another team going to the Global Finals in Thailand! eSports Footlocker just announced - support your Competitve Scene!

Hey guys, it’s Milkfat, Director of eSports for S2 Games.  First of all, congratulations to the newly sponsored Sync eSports (Ex-Denial) on winning the Hontour Season 2 playoffs and joining Stay Green and Cats at the Hontour World Finals.  When asked about how it feels to win the playoffs and be headed to Thailand, Sync’s captain Zlapped said “We as a team are all feeling great, we're so excited to take our team out in the world and visit an amazing place such as Thailand. We're greatly looking forward to this experience. We are so glad that all of our practice and research played off and we're ready to bring our A game to Thailand.”

At S2 Games, eSports is one of our biggest priorities and we want to do everything that we can to ensure an amazing Hon Tour World Finals experience.  To show our continued support for eSports we will be releasing an eSports Footlocker on 2/26/2014 that contains numerous exclusive avatars and other eSports related content.  Both S2 Games and Garena will be taking 25% of the revenue and putting it towards the Hontour World Finals prize pool which is already at $150,000.   Even without the increased prize pool, the Hontour World Finals earnings are the highest in Heroes of Newerth history and we can’t wait to watch that number grow even more.

To continue our support for the World Finals and eSports, we have decided to send another team from NA/EU to represent our region and fight for their share of the growing prize pool.  Tuesday, 2/25/2014, the second and third place finishers in the playoffs Team NK and Bad Monkey Gaming will battle it out in a best-of-five on for the final spot. 

The Hontour World Finals will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 28th-March 30th and all coverage will be available on  See you then!

Sam “Milkfat” Braithwaite

02/25/2014 3:48 AM


Six Teams Continue in Quest for Thailand!

And here we are, ladies and gentlemen - the final stage of the HoN Tour Season 2 Playoffs! For three weeks now, 16 teams have played through two group stages and while a selected few are still in the event, all the others have been eliminated from this season. It is time to introduce the last two teams to the event, those who had the privilege of qualifying directly for the regular season as a result of their exceptional performance over the last six months. Those top dogs will enter the melee against the four survivors of the group stage. All of these six teams have done exceptionally well throughout this Season of HoN Tour, and each of them deserves to be in the top six. Let's take a look at these six teams, how they got here, and their chances at joining [sG]stayGreen on the trip to Thailand for the HoN Tour Global Grand FInals.


It is safe to say that everyone who knows a bit about competitive HoN knows BadMonkeyGaming, the team that was once known as Lions eSportsKlubb and who have brought diversity and change to the highest levels of HoN. After Season 1 left us with stayGreen in a very dominant position - winning every match and every game there was for quite some time - the Swedes from BMG took it upon themselves to challenge the Champions and push ahead, adapting quickly to a changed meta and serving as a role model for future teams. Season 2 brought much glory to BMG. They were the first team to beat stayGreen in a Cycle Grand Final, and they did it in style, introducing new strategies and Heroes into the meta. The team itself saw some changes early on and it took a while for them in the first cycles to integrate the amazing but sometimes a little too cocky [BMG]Jonassomfan into the team, but once they did, they improved immensely. Those times were followed by several weeks of a tryout for a new carry player; they eventually ended up with [BMG]fUzi on this position, immediately followed by their earlier mentioned first cycle victory - this all came with frightening ease all of the sudden.

Since then the team led by [BMG]Handsken and supported by [BMG]Sealkid moved from victory to victory, claiming the title of Champion in Diamond for 5 cycles in total, making it an even score between them and stayGreen.
Since they made the second place in the normal cycles this Season, Bad Monkey Gaming were in a comfortable spot, allowing them to wait for the last phase of the Playoffs to get into the action. With their current team strength and history of winning important matches, they will be fine for the next couple of days, and they even hold the favourite position to make it all the way to Thailand. Their first match against Ex-Denial Esports will be a challenge, as these guys were actually able to defeat BMG in King of the Hill two weeks ago, but that was a different format and there wasn't much on the line in terms of possible winnings, so it is very likely that we will see the Monkeys take it quite serious this time around.

[Rea]Reason Gaming

Reason Gaming, previously known as Justice League and QsQ777 in olden times, have been around for what seems forever. When they started playing competitive HoN alongside QsQ357 in Season 1 of HoN Tour, they were considered the weaker of the two teams and QsQ357 earned much of the renown while QsQ777 stayed in their shadow, stuck between Gold and Diamond Division. This all changed when Season 2 approached. The team seemed refined and much stronger now that they had taken on their new team name of Justice League, and while many Diamond teams still considered them to be weak, they not only stayed in Diamond Division but also managed to get quite far there almost every season. Constantly training with the best teams out there, playing smaller tournaments and qualifying for special events with the other big team names, Reason Gaming slowly made a name for themselves, eventually gathering enough Tour points to make it far into the top, ranking them #3 at the end of the Season. Sure other teams had more points throughout the Season, but they fell apart, split up or were unable to make it, so Reason Gaming earned this third place just as much with the points they made during the Season as much as with their consistence and team spirit.
Going into the last phase of the playoffs, Reason Gaming is in a good spot for now. They will be facing No keyboard first and even though this will be quite a challenge, they are experienced and skilled enough to make it through the first round here, especially since No keyboard showed weakness early on in the playoffs. Further down the line, Bad Money Gaming will probably their greatest challenge and while they might not make it in the first try, they will most likely be able to get a second chance through the Losers Bracket, facing them once more in the Grand Finals of the Playoffs. Never count them out, the teams that did this before always found themselves at the recieving end of a bad surprise.

Ex-[dnL]Denial eSports

These guys were the team to beat in the previous two group stages, and noone was able to do so. Flensmeister and his merry men have an exceptionally successful three weeks behind them, not only winning all matches and games in their Groups, but also beating Bad Monkey Gaming and Stay Green in King of the Hill, a fact that certainly increased team morale and motivation. Being in the Winners Bracket of the playoffs now certainly feels good, but now there are no more Gold division teams left and every match will be a tough one, as each of their future opponents is playing at least on the same level. And their first match in this event will be against Bad Monkey Gaming, a hard match for sure.
While Ex-Denial Esports have what it takes to make it all the way through here, they need to be on top of their game all the time now and not make a single mistake. Also they have yet to deal with defeat, and most likely they will have to do just that here, so it remains to be seen how they will handle it, if they fall apart once they are pushed down to the Losers Bracket or if it will strengthen their resolve to win the whole thing. No matter how it will go for them, the team will be good for great games for the viewers and tough challenges for their opponents.

[NK]No keyboard

The last of the four teams in the Winners Bracket, No keyboard had a bit of a hiccup at first in the Playoffs, moving as lower seed to the second group stage. This happened due to underestimating a team they played against and because of players not being able to attend and replacements having to jump in. Once that mess was sorted out though, No keyboard has been playing very well and they left no doubt that they will be one of the teams to compete for the ticket to Thailand.
Now that the last phase is here, No keyboard will face real challenges once more, starting with Reason Gaming in the first round. They have proven to be able to recover from a loss, no matter how terrible it was, so they certainly have great team morale, but since they are still somewhat new in their current team composition, it is uncertain how well they will do against these veteran top teams that will now be their opponents. No keyboard have a chance of making it through the brackets here if they use their immense potential to the fullest, but they have also shown their weakness early in the event, giving their opponents a possible advantage.

[Ic3]Sweet Like ICE and [tree]willowkeeper

The brother teams have made it all the way through the Group stages to this place, and this alone is amazing. What is even more amazing is that they basically qualified for the last phase of the qualifiers at the same level once more. The teams had similar points and rank at the end of the Cycle, placing them in the same group, with a slight advantage for Ic3, then they moved on to the second Group phase, both earning their passage to the final phase by winning their final match against a high level Gold/Diamond team who they faced before several times in the Cycles. And now they are both here in the Losers Bracket, waiting for opponents to drop down to them and eventually, if things go well for them, meet once more in the next round of the Winners Bracket to decide once and for all who is the better of the two teams.
With that said, both teams will have it very hard here now. No matter who drops down to them, it will be a high level Diamond team and that team will be eager to redeem themselves from losing their first match in the Winners Bracket. Sweet Like Ic3 already felt the power of No keyboard last weekend, so they know that it will be quite hard to go even one step further. But if we learned anything from the past weeks, then that there will be surprises, no matter the odds, and these two teams certainly have the players and skills to make it further here or at least give the other teams a bumpy ride and something to remember for next Season. Plus what could be a more exciting story than a small final match between these two teams in the next round?

The final stage of the Playoffs will start on Tuesday at 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET with Bad Monkey Gaming versus Ex-Denial Esports, followed by Reason Gaming versus No keyboard at 15:00 EST | 21:00 CET, both covered live by Honcast. More information about the schedule can be found at Well then, take some days off, buy snacks and get comfortable in your seats, it's going to be an awesome event and should not be missed. Good luck and have fun to all teams and players, and a thank you to all the teams who did not make it this far, you will not be forgotten!

02/19/2014 1:32 AM


Creative Continuum #16 -- ComicHoN

Welcome to the Creative Continuum #16: ComicHoN. 

Do you like creating art and make people laugh ? Then you came to the right place. This contest is all about having a good time by sharing your own ComicHoN story with the community.

What does comic art mean you ask ? Well the simplest description I can give you is - "a sequence of drawings in boxes that tell an amusing story".

Contest Rules and Guidelines 

Your art must be submitted in comic format. Read from left to right (Western Style);
You may use any artistic outlet to create your work be it digital or drawn sketches or any other method you usually use to create your artwork;
Submissions must contain at least 1 comic page (minimum of 4 panels per page) , must be your own original work , must be HoN related , must be content appropriate and last but not least no cut and paste or screenshots. Memes and stick figures with hero captions for heads may be funny, but they wont be valid for judging in the contest;
There is no limit to the number of comic art submissions you can do so go nuts and create as many as you wish;
Good luck to all of you;

Picking the winners

Submissions will be judged based on humor , quality and creativity;
The first three winners will be chosen by [S2]AceJR;
The last two winners from 4th and 5th place are considered [GM]JinZero's wild cards thanks to his gold donation so he will be choosing them from all of your submission.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Contest starts: Wednesday 5th of February 2014;
Submission period ends on: Wednesday 26th of February 2014;
Winners announced: Wednesday 5th of March 2014;


Ok , so this creative continuum is a little special in terms of prizes as it gives you a shot at winning one of the currently locked avatars , and I saw that there are lots of players out there who would love to get their hands on a Sachi Swiftblade or a Golden Pebbles so now is your chance.

Edit on prizes: One of my good friends from the Gm clan[GM]JinZero is donating 1500 gold coins to this contest so we will add two more winners and spread the gold amongst all winners;

First place - Any avatar of your choosing from the store + 200 gc;
Second place - Any avatar of your choosing from the store that is not gold edition, ultimate or 7sin/virtue + 200 gc;
Third place - Any avatar of your choosing from the store that is not gold edition, ultimate, 7sin/virtue, EA, limited or holiday + 200 gc;
Fourth place - 450 gc;
Fifth place - 450 gc;

Head to the General Discussion Section of the forums for more information and to enter the contest!

02/13/2014 11:42 PM

Topic: Community

A little insight on HoN 3.3.3 from gameplay designer Pandaroohoo!

Hey guys, It's Pandaroohoo. I'm a gameplay designer here at S2 Games giving you some insight on another one of our directional patches.

The focus of this patch is our continued goal of Hero Diversification. Hero Diversity is about differentiating your game to game experience by playing upon a hero's; strengths, weakness, roles, play styles, and even item choices. We want each and every hero to provide meaningful opportunities for both customization and counter-play. We are pleased to introduce the refocused concepts of Lord Salforis and Vindicator.

Vindicator has always had the concept of anti-caster in his kit but never truly shined in those regards. Brain Drain and Glyph of Silence have received a large increase to their utility. With an increase in the amount of Int stolen from Brain Drain, the Vindicator will be more capable of zoning enemies and preventing spell casts by limiting the enemy's mana pool while also granting a large damage boon to himself. Glyph of Silence will also have a much higher impact with an increase in the debuff duration and the introduction of perplex and slow. Vindicator will be a much more devastating persistent threat in team-fights constantly disrupting enemy's abilities.

Lord Salforis is our next focus. Filling the niche of anti-healing and anti-regeneration, we've found Lord Salforis's limited use of The Undying to focus less on team fighting where healing is plentiful, and more on hunting an isolated target. We're increasing the usability and uptime of Mors Certissima and Undying by significantly lowering cooldown and mana costs. Lord Salforis will have a much larger incentive to participate in team activity when he isn't attempting to remedy his harsh mana requirements.

With the recent release of our content patch in December and the closing of Hon Tour Season 2, we wanted to introduce this smaller interim patch with only a few hero tweaks. We will be taking a look at the $150,000 Hon Tour Global Finals event where some of the best players in the world will be competing, and following its conclusion you can look forward to one of our larger game-play changing patches. This patch will also include a reevaluation of both the Legion and Hellbourne Jungles!

02/12/2014 9:29 PM