The Stars Align: Hereos of Newerth's finest assemble in Bangkok for biggest eSports event ever

Today marks the third day of the HoN Tour World Finals in Bangkok, Thailand. On this sacred battle ground Hereos of Newerth's best competitive players have congregated to compete for not only a share of the final prize pool, but for the chance to be etched in HoN's eSports history books as World Champions.

With so much on the line, staying focused can be a daunting task for competitors, even veterans.

“There are a few primary components when it comes to game-play performance,” said Sam Braithwaite, eSports Director of Heroes of Newerth. “Physical, tactical, and mental preparation are all crucial to any team's success.” 

Cats in action 

“The amount of poise competitors show – especially some of the younger guys – is absolutely incredible. Ultimately, the team that can effectively balance all of these elements will emerge victorious.” 

“This year's finals features a star-studded group – we're excited to see how things play out!” 

Of course, while competitors prepare for their time in the spot light, event staff is working hard to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Heroes of  Newerth event team
“A lot of preparation goes into planning and executing such a large eSports event,” said Adam Martinazzi, Heroes of Newerth's Community Manager. “Working along side Garena, our goal is to provide HoN's eSports scene with the best competitive experience possible.”

“As is the case with any event, there are bound to be minor hiccups or issues that arise – as a team, we have to adapt to ensure things proceed accordingly. So far it's shaping up to be a fantastic event – we've seen some of the best HoN matches of the year!”

The final matches of the HoN Tour finals are approaching and if the competition we seen thus far is of any indication, we've got some exciting matches ahead!

03/30/2014 9:00 AM

Topic: eSports

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