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05/30/2014 12:35 AM

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Snotter Boss set to return to Midwars for another 2 weeks!

Hey Guys!

Over the last patch we celebrated HoNiversary and as a special treat we implemented Snotter Boss into Midwars.  First of all, I hope you guys enjoyed him while he was there. I definitely saw some Snotter annihilations which were nothing short of pure awesomeness.

Our South East Asian client will be celebrating their yearly HoNiversary next patch and we wanted to give them the same treat of Snotter Boss that we gave you guys!  Since we are implementing it for them, we also decided that you guys would enjoy 2 more weeks of the slimy, green bad guy so we will also be implementing him back into Midwars!

Have fun!


05/29/2014 4:55 AM


HoN eSports Weekly 5/27

HoN eSports Weekly 5/27

After another exciting week of competitive HoN, three teams have cemented themselves as the premier forces in their respective divisions. With momentum at their backs, the dominant squads will need to hold off the opposition for just one more week, as standings in the Carnage Pro League and the Amateur division wrap up this weekend. Lets look back on this week's games, and see how things stand.

Carnage Pro League – Week 3

Though the Pro League had quite a few reschedules this past week, but the matches that were played provided some exciting and perhaps unexpected results. Sync eSports continued moving forward with a 2-0 win over REXXARS, while top contenders BMG had slightly more trouble with 2-1 victories over lower ranked squads The Last of US and Reason Gaming. Reason certainly had improved as they took a clean 2-0 win over Team Excellent in a rematch from the previous week. With a total of 12 matches scheduled for this week and just one point separating third from sixth place in the standings, the teams will certainly play their hearts out to try to make it to the Top 4, and the $8,000 playoffs.

Carnage in Caldavar – Amateur Open #3

The third Amateur Open played out this weekend, and once again willowkeeper came out on top. The consistent squad may have fallen short of Pro League in the first cycle, but with three championships in the Amateur Division they certainly don't look to be here for long. Familiar squads like Team Cheesecake, Shrek Is Live, and North Korea Best gave it their best, but the trees were too strong as always. It was eventually the Public Virgins that gave willowkeeper a challenge, even taking the first game off the dominant squad, but the trees pulled it back together with a win in the third game. With a complete lock on the top spot willowkeeper are sitting pretty for the upcoming $500 Amateur Invitational, but this week will be do-or-die for teams like Cheesecake or Public Virgins, currently sitting just outside of the Top 8.

NA And Variety Cups – Week 7

Another week of Midwars matches, and another set of dual victories for the Big Bux Money Crew. The Buxxies have proved that they are the absolute dominant force in the Midwars scene, and showed it with their ninth and tenth titles this last week. In the NA Cup it was once again Narcy and the Public Virgins that made for an exciting finals, but BUX's experience made the encounter a bit quick and one sided. In the Variety Cup the Grimms United squad managed to take a map - not even on their home turf - but it wasn't enough to prevent another BUX Grand Finals appearance. Here it was WarcraftGamerz that stood in their way, but as usual the Bux Money Crew came out triumphant. As the Bux Crew continues their transformation to stayGreen of Midwars they'll have to prepare for a possible rematch on the away team's soil, as the Cups move to Grimm's Crossing next week.

This Week's Events

Registration for this week's tournaments are now open. If you're looking to challenge the Big Bux Money Crew for dominance in the NA or Variety Cup scene, you'll have to bone up on your Grimms Crossing 3v3 skills. The Banning Pick tournaments start this Thursday, and will finish up on Friday, so be sure to sign your squad up and get in on the Gold Coins and fun! For the more traditional players out there, Amateur Open #4 is this weekend, and the competition will be fierce! Sign-up now and see if you can dethrone willowkeeper for a big Gold Coin prize, or get your team prepared for the new cycle, starting in just a few weeks! And, if you prefer to watch the Pros, there will be plenty of those matches as well. With games Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and all weekend long, the teams will be fighting for their Playoffs hopes and dreams, so be sure to tune in!

See you next time for another HoN eSports Weekly!


05/28/2014 12:56 AM

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HoN eSports Weekly 5/20

HoN eSports Weekly 5/20

The past week has been an action packed one for HoN eSports. With competition ranging from the high octane Carnage Pro League, to exciting events on Midwars, there is certainly something for everyone. Lets take a brief look back and see how the events played out.

Carnage Pro League – Week 2

The second week of Carnage in Caldavar just wrapped up, and things are certainly getting heated in the Pro Division. While many expected that newer squads like REXXARS and The Last of US could be outclassed by the more experienced opposition, the competition has been remarkably close. This week Team Excellent was able to grab their first wins, while Reason dropped two matches, falling to last place in the standings. The Last of US and REXXARS both netted important wins, moving into the middle of the pack, while Sync took home their only match of the week with a 2-0 over Team Excellent, creating a three way tie for second. The one consistent factor has been Bad Monkey Gaming, sitting pretty at the top of the pack with a perfect record and double the points of any other team.

Carnage in Caldavar - Amateur Open #2

While the top dogs fight it out in the Pro Division, newer teams are gathering important competitive experience and practice in the weekly Amateur Opens. In this week's tournament new challengers arose , but were still unable to take down the reigning champions. dawn was the breakout team of the week, taking down experienced squads like Team Cheesecake and You Love To Party in the third and fourth rounds. Unfortunately for the heroes, they were taken out by Sjukt Tradigt in the semi-finals, ending what could have been a Cinderella story. Sjukt Tradigt made a valiant effort in the finals, but in the end it was once again willowkeeper that brought home first place, a prize purse of 8,000 Gold Coins, the important Carnage points, and the glory of another big win.

 NA And Variety Cups – Week 6

The week's Variety and NA Cups took us back once more to Midwars, this time for some Banning Draft action. After a week long detour to Grimm's Crossing, teams were ready for action, and came out with guns blazing. In the NA Cup teams Magikarp Splash and Public Virgins, led by HoN Community Casters Narcy and Diglet, put up a strong fight, but were ultimately no match for the Big Bux Money Crew. After winning both the NA and Variety Cups in Week 5, Midwars, Bux was looking to do it once more. Opposing them in the Variety Cup was future Amateur Open breakouts, dawn, as well as welcome to my world, but ultimately neither team could stand the heat. Big Bux Money Crew walks away with first place in both events once more, and are now well on their way to becoming the stayGreen of Midwars.

This Week's Events

Registration for this week's tournaments are now open. If you're in the mood for some Midwars and are looking to challenge the Big Bux Money Crew, sign up for the NA and Variety Cups. The tournaments start Thursday, and will feature some awesome Banning Draft action. If you're looking for a slightly more competitive experience be sure to register for this weekend's Amateur Open #3 and see if you can bring down willowkeeper, claiming the title of Caldavar's Amateur Champion. And of course there will be more Carnage Pro League as well, with matches Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and all weekend long. Be sure to stay tuned for coverage of all these events from Honcast, coLcast, and the HoN Community Casters!

See you next week for another HoN eSports Weekly!


05/21/2014 4:57 AM

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HoNiversary 1v1 Showdown - On Honcast right now!

HoNiversary 1v1 Showdown

With each year's HoNiversary celebration comes coin bonuses, new in-game avatars, and of course, fun events. This year will feature a returning favorite: the 1v1 Team Showdown. Newerth's top squads have been invited to bring teams of five players to play 1v1 matches in a best-of-nine format. It will be up to the team to decide who starts the match, who can snipe their opponent, and who can anchor to bring home the win. In the end, only one team can bring home the glory and the $5,000 prize for this winner-take-all event.

Invited Teams
Bad Monkey Gaming: Handsken, Sealkid, Limmp, Jonassomfan, Fuzi
Sync eSports: Zlapped, Flensmeister, Mick`e, Support, Khezu
Team Excellent: Pew, SuperKGE, Fajn`, Nox, Streufutter
Reason Gaming: Saintrox, Imbaboy, Probusk, Z4ne, Addrow
Legends: zai, swindlemelonzz, Era, Moonmeander, ***

Event Format & Prizing
$5,000 USD Winner-Take-All Prizepool
Four Team, Single Elimination
Best-Of-Nine Matches
Winner Of Game Continues Playing
Predetermined Heroes For Each Match

Hero Order
Round 1: Soulstealer
Round 2: Bubbles
Round 3: Torturer
Round 4: Pebbles
Round 5: Aluna
Round 6: Pyromancer(if needed)
Round 7: Pollywog Priest (if needed)
Round 8: Monkey King (if needed)
Round 9: Soulstealer (if needed)

*Hero order subject to change


Monday, May 12th, 10am - 6pm EDT

Time | Match | Teams
10AM EDT / 1600 CEST | Semifinal 1 | Sync eSports vs Reason Gaming
12PM EDT / 1800 CEST | Semifinal 2 | Bad Monkey Gaming vs Team Excellent
2PM EDT / 2000 CEST | Grand Finals | Winner 1 vs Winner 2
4PM EDT / 2200 CEST | Legend Match | Champions vs Legends

Legends Never Die

It's time to settle one of the biggest disputes in HoN history. The Champions of new, or the Legends of old. Can the biggest names in Newerth today take down the most known names in HoN history? It's time to find out with a duel in the middle lane. Stay tuned in the days leading up to the HoNiversary 1v1 Showdown, as we reveal Team Legends.

A showdown for the ages.

05/12/2014 11:23 PM