HoN Tour Returns

HoN Tour Returns

Over the last two years, one event has revolutionized the way we think about competitive HoN. Players from around the globe have put their skill to the test, and we hope that by now you've learned one thing. Anyone can be a Hero!

430,000 hero kills and 950,000,000 in-game gold farmed are certainly impressive numbers, but it's time to push them even higher...

HoN Tour Season 3 is here! Once more you and your closest allies can challenge HoN players from around the world for pride, bragging rights, and awesome prizes! With a $70,000+ regular season, HoN Tour has plenty worth fighting for, but that's not all we've got.

Introducing, eSports Plinko, a new initiative that allows the community to have fun, win prizes, and contribute to the HoN competitive scene! With awesome, exclusive URSA Corps avatars and permanent account bonuses there will be reasons to play eSports Plinko all season long! Even better, a percentage of all eSports Plinko sales will go directly to increasing the prize pool for each HoN Tour Cycle, and the Season 3 World Finals.

Oh yeah, the World Finals! Afer an 8 Cycle regular season, HoN Tour once more goes international for the HoN Tour Season 3 World Finals. The coronation of a World Champ is still months away, but the HoN Tour Qualifiers are just around the corner. It all begins on July 26th, so it's time to gather your team, prepare for battle, and show the world what a Hero is made of.

Play the game as it was meant to be played. Registration for the HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers is now open at Hontour.com.

07/10/2014 11:04 PM


HoN eSports Weekly 7/8

 HoN eSports Weekly 7/8

The second Cycle of Carnage in Caldavar is well underway, and the action has showed no signs of stopping. With faces new and old showing great games there is a lot to talk about this week, so lets get into it!

Carnage Pro League – Week 3

The battle at the top of the Carnage Pro League continues, as Bad Monkey Gaming and Sync eSports top the charts once more. BMG took a direct win over their opponents with last week's 2-0 victory, but Sync remains in the overall point lead. While that point lead may change as BMG catches up in games, first place could hinge on the squads head-to-head meet up as the last match of Week 4. In the middle of the pack Reason Gaming and newcomers Willowkeeper are holding it down and look to be in a solid spot for next week's Playoffs. The American Hope, The Last of US, is fighting for one of those Playoff spots, but behind them the newest and most unknown Pro team, Shrek is Love has struggled to find even a single win. With just one point to their name from a 1-2 loss to Reason last week, the Ogres will need to take the rest of the Cycle to practice and get in form for HoN Tour Season 3.

Amateur Open #3

Another week and another Amateur Open in the Carnage event. Last Cycle there was a big race for the invites to the Amateur Invitational, as well as the top two spots, and this time around is no different. Teams like Burrito Gaming, Team Cheesecake, You Love To Party, and more are fighting for a spot in the Top 8, but at the top there is an even more fierce race going on. Top squads like Dawn, The Tyrants, Solaire Club are all in good shape, but newcomers Instant Reflex were the story of this past week. They made it all the way to the Finals of Amateur Open #3, but even the star-studded new squad wasn't enough to take down the top Amateur squad, Moes Tavern. The happy hour warriors maintain a firm lead on the Amateur Standings, and are the favorites in this week's event, and a strong contender for the second Amateur Invitational.

Variety Cup #13

This past week's Variety Cup took us on a trip down Midwars lane. Normally the Midwars Kings, Big Bux Money Crew, are winners in an almost foregone conclusion here, but this week it was not the case. The BUXxies showed up in the event, taking down their first opponent, but it was a relatively new team that managed to take the Champs down in the third round. That team, going by the name Alison, managed to squeak out a 2-1 victory, and made it into the Finals. There they met the EXCLUSIVES, a team that has made quite a splash in the last few weeks on the casual circuit. This time around the EXCLUSIVES proved their experience has been invaluable and took the win with a 2-0 victory, earning the Gold and glory in Variety Cup #13.

This Week's Events

The Variety Cup heads to Grimm's Crossing this week for a Banning Draft tournament. Be sure to sign-up for some fun 3v3 competition; registration is open until the event begins on Thursday. For some Forests of Caldavar action, the final Amateur Open begins on Saturday, so make sure to get some competitive practice in before the next big event is here! For those of you who prefer to watch, Carnage Pro League will wrap up the regular season this week. With BMG and Sync fighting for first, and Willowkeeper trying to fend off tUS for the final Playoff spot, there are sure to be some incredible games.

That's all for this week's recap, but as always, stay tuned for more HoN eSports news!


07/09/2014 8:07 PM

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4th of July MM Rewards - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (via playing HoN :D)

Due to some players experiencing difficulties on the last day of the MM Rewards event, we've decided to extend the date until the this Wednesday, July 9th. Enjoy!

In the United States the 4th of July represents freedom and independence. We celebrate with a national holiday off work, barbecued food, and spending the day doing the activities that we enjoy with the people that we love.

Since HoN has a community that reaches near and far across the globe, we would like for everyone to join in the celebration. We've created a series of Match Making Rewards so that our entire community can join in the celebration!

Without further ado, here are the rewards that you will be able to earn this weekend:

Games Played Prize Games Played w/Friends Prize
1 1 SC 1 POG Forsaken Archer
2 2 SC 2 POG Bubbles*
3 4 SC 3 POG Accursed
4 8 SC 4 POG Andromeda
5 16 SC 5 POG Electrician
6 32 SC 6 POG Blood Hunter*
7 64 SC 7 POG Armadon
8 128 SC 8 POG Behemoth*
9 256 SC 9 POG Balphagore*
10 512 SC 10 POG Chipper*

*Avatars will be added to your account on the next patch, July 16th.

All Match Making Rewards apply to stat-enabled Forest of Caldavar matches only.

Match Making Rewards begin on Thursday 7/3 @ 12:01 AM EDT | 6:01 CEST and they all end on Monday 7/7 @ 12:01 AM EDT | 6:01 CEST.

If you already own one of POG Avatars, you will receive 25 SC as a replacement.

07/04/2014 12:02 AM