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10/09/2014 10:04 PM

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HoN eSports Weekly 10/8

HoN eSports Weekly 10/8

Welcome back HoN eSports fans! It's time for another update on HoN competition, including the recently completed HoN Tour Cycle 3, the Variety Cup, and a brand new event happening this weekend! Shall we get started?

HoN Tour Diamond Division

After three cycles in HoN Tour Season 3, Sync eSports has completed their hat trick, becoming the first team since stayGreen over a year ago to take three consecutive cycles. Sync's 3-1 victory over willowkeeper in the Grand Finals was a hotly contested match, but ultimately, Sync appeared to continually out-class their opponents. willowkeeper certainly wanted the gold, but showed consistency, taking their second silver finish in the division, while previous bronze medalists Nullstone Gaming fell significantly, into the 5/6th spot. Replacing the Stonies was the reincarnated Bad Monkey Gaming, who seem to have finally gotten their sea legs. Rounding out the top 4 are the American hopes, The Last of US, who will proceed forward without Narcy, but instead with the assistance of BabyGoatar, perhaps a familiar name from the past.

HoN Tour Lower Divisions

The Gold Division was a hotbed of competition this cycle, much like it has been throughout this entire season. Former players returned in fan favorite squads like Not Excellent and FunInTheSunv2, but ultimately the old dogs didn't match up. Not Excellent made it to the 5/6th position before being eliminated by Prime Icarus, the eventual Gold Division runners up. In the end, it was Dawn who came out victorious, securing first with a close 3-2 victory over the competition. Both Dawn and Prime Icarus advance to the Diamond division to replace Twisted Fuzion and WOP DASH.

In the Silver Division Systembo Laget managed a 2-0 victory over The Boy5 in the Finals, meaning those teams will ascend the ranks to Gold. Joining them will be Team Zenzyg and the venerable Hussars. On the Bronze side of things, Triumph came out, well, triumphant. Their 2-0 victory over SuperHeroesPlayinHon nets them a solid seed in the next Silver division, as well as some serious Gold Coins! Keep an eye on these up-and-coming teams.

Variety Cup #26

This past week's Variety Cup took us back once more to the land of Midwars. Here the crew of [XVII]The MW Powerhouse battled through the large bracket to secure a 2-0 victory over the Big Bux Money Crew. The 14 time Midwars Champs weren't able to take down the evidently extremely powerful Powerhouse, and will have to keep tabs on the next Midwars event (not too far off!).

This Week's Events

Even with this being an off-week for HoN Tour, there is still plenty of action to be had in competitive HoN, including a brand new event! Quincy's Get Stomped Tournament features a new format consisting of Midwars, Rift Wars, and Forests of Caldavar. The single elimination tournament plays out this weekend, with the victor to be featured in a showmatch against Sync eSports, live on Honcast next week! Be sure to get over to more information and registration for this weekend's event. Additionally be sure to check out Variety Cup #27 for some BD Midwars action! As usual, the event starts on Thursday, so sign up for some high octane fun!

Be sure to catch the Get Stomped Tournament all weekend long, and check back next week for another update on HoN eSports!

10/09/2014 7:57 PM

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