Gold Sale:

Begins Friday, November 7 at 12PM EST 
Ends Tuesday, November 11 at 12PM EST

The Ultimate Cheburashka Sale:
The cute and cuddly Cheburashka Courier will be available for purchase November 7!

Refer-A-Friend FAQ:

Q. Why is RAF going on sabbatical?
A. Heroes of Newerth’s RAF is taking a leave of absence, chiefly so the team can go back to the drawing board and revamp the system. In its current state, the process is a tad ambiguous, and heavily abused. 

Q. When will RAF Return? 
A. There is no definite date for RAF’s return. The team will bring the program back, once they feel it meets quality standards. In other words, don’t fret, RAF Will Return!

Q. Since RAF is returning, will there still be a RAF page (web)? What about an in-game interface that supports it?
A. Nope! EVERY component of RAF will be removed. When the new program is live, an updated web page and in-game interface will be used.

Q. What are the goals of the revamped system?
A. With the new system, we aim to create a comprehensive program that incentivizes players for bringing aboard their partners in crime. Did you recruit some of your buddies? Great! Here’s a tangible reward for your efforts.

Q. I’ve recruited several people using RAF’s current iteration and haven’t received my rewards yet.
What do I do?
A. Sorry about that! If you’ve been a recruiting machine we want to make sure that you’ve been rewarded properly. Please contact HoN’s customer support team and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Q. Have you started the new RAF system?
A. Yes! The new system is being tested internally to align with industry-best practices… and to ensure there are no security loopholes, of course. 

11/06/2014 3:07 AM