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Calamity Motion Comic -- Part 1

12/16/2014 4:03 AM


Hero Spotlight: Calamity, Master of All Hells

12/12/2014 11:58 PM


Wondering why dragons have been flying through Newerth? HoN 3.6: Calamity's Corruption coming 12/17!

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HoN eSports Weekly

After a short break HoN Tour is back in swing, with Cycle 6 halfway finished, and some surprising results to boot. While HoN Tour was away the Weekly Cups were in full swing, including the $3,000 5v5 Cup #8 – Live Rounds edition. Lets catch up on the past week's HoN eSports!

HoN Tour Diamond Division

Following a win in Cycle 4, BMG have managed to go from poor placements to even worse. In Cycle 5 elimination in 6/7th place came at the hands of runners-up Nullstone Gaming, but losses in Cycle 6 to willowkeeper and a repeat to Nullstone cost BMG their spot in the Diamond Division. This fall from grace marks BMG/Lion eSportsKlubb's first ever departure from the Diamond Division, going all the way back to November of 2012. Nullstone went on to take a 2-0 victory over REXARS to make it into the top 4, while Reason took a 2-1 win over Prime Icarus. Sitting pretty in the Winner's Finals are the top two from the standings, Sync eSports and willowkeeper. The upcoming weekend will once again let a team challenge Sync, but will only time will tell if we have a 5 time cycle winner, or a new Champion.

HoN Tour Gold Division

The Gold Division has been home to quite a few familiar names this season. The increased competition of teams in the 2-10 range has made the revolving door between Gold and Diamond all the more interesting, as teams like Dawn, Night Raid, and The Solaire Club climb their way back and try to fight for the spots relinquished by BMG and Shrek is Love. Currently Dawn and the veterans from Coollo are sitting pretty in the WB Finals, while Solaire Club and Night Raid are the dark horses in the Lower Bracket. Only two of the six remaining teams will bump into Diamond, so be sure to check out these matches this weekend.

Weekly Cups

The $3,000 5v5 Cup #8 – Live Rounds Edition took place last week and gave teams a different opportunity to compete for some cash and gear. The semi-finals were home to upsets as favorites Sync and BMG were both knocked out, by Reason Gaming and Nullstone Gaming respectively. Ultimately it was Reason that came out with their first big win in recent memory, taking home the lion's share of the cash prize, and some sweet Plantronics headsets.

Grimm's Cup #6 saw recently promoted Gold Team Dishonored take the cake. Their 2-0 win over Grimms United  was just the cherry on top of a run that included besting two other Gold level teams. The Midwars Cup #6 saw Dont Care best Big Bux Money Crew in a 2-1 finals match. Dont Care showed they've got what it takes to dethrone the perennial Midwars contenders, and even took down Honcast stars No Mercy For Noobs in the process. Well done!

This Week's Events

This week plays host to two more weekly cups! Midwars Cup #7 takes place this Thursday with a prizepool featuring Gold Coins and Abaddon Accursed avatars, while the avatar makes another appearance in Friday's Grimm's Cup. Be sure to check them out, and register while you can! If you're interested in watching some games, HoN Tour Cycle 6 wraps up this weekend with Diamond Division coverage on Honcast all weekend, starting at 12pm EST | 1800 CET both Saturday and Sunday!

Hope you've enjoyed this HoN eSports Weekly! Be sure to get out there and play, watch, and have fun playing HoN!

12/10/2014 5:34 PM