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Patch 4.0.2


It’s time to settle the age-old dispute: who will reign supreme in a 1v1 Mid? Challenge your friends and foes in Heroes of Newerth’s newest game mode, 1v1 Mid, the ultimate testing ground for individual skill and mastery.

Win Conditions

Your primary objective is be the first to kill the opposing hero OR destroy your enemy’s tier 1 tower. If neither objective is reached by the 15 minute mark, the following criteria will be used to determine the winner:

  • If you kill the enemy hero, you immediately win the match.
  • If you kill the first enemy middle tower, you immediately win the match.
  • At the 15 minute mark, the player with the most creep kills wins.
  • If the players have the same number of creep kills, then creep denies are compared. The person with the most creep denies is declared the winner.
  • If both creep kills and creep denies are tied, then tower health is compared. Whichever player’s tower has lower health, that player loses.
  • If creep kills, creep denies, and tower health are all equal, then all three are checked again in three minutes, declaring a winner at that time if someone is ahead.
  • If everything is tied again after three minutes, the win conditions are checked repeatedly every three minutes until there is a winner.

Map Changes

1v1 Mid will be played on Caldavar, but there are some notable tweaks to keep in mind:

  • Top and Bottom lanes are disabled. No creeps spawn there. No Runes will spawn.
  • Neutrals are disabled. No creeps will spawn in any neutral camps.
  • Players start with 603 gold.

Pick Modes

1v1 Mid will launch with two distinct pick modes, Same Hero Pick and Different Hero Pick:

  • In each Pick Mode, both players start by choosing 3 heroes to lock. Players can choose the same heroes.
  • Players then alternate banning 2 of the opposing player's heroes.
  • In Same Hero Pick, one of the remaining 2 heroes will be chosen at random and both players will be given that hero.
  • In Different Hero Pick, each player will receive the hero from their initial lock pool that isn't banned. It is possible to have the same heroes in this mode.

Updated Structures and Creeps

As of Patch 4.0.2, Legion and Hellbourne buildings and creeps have been reworked. Take a break from the chaos and check out the updates!

  • New Creeps

  • Legion Base

  • Legion Towers

  • Hellbourne Base

  • Hellbourne tower

  • Hellbourne tower

New Spring Festival Avatars

Yuanri Artesia

420 Gold  |  3,000 Silver

Limited Edition | Jan. 27

God of Fortune Armadon

420 Gold  |  3,000 Silver

Limited Edition | Jan. 30

Doctor Firecracker

420 Gold  |  3,000 Silver

Limited Edition | Feb. 3

Lion Dance Disciple

420 Gold  |  3,000 Silver

Limited Edition | Feb. 6

15% Bonus Gold

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